Community polices

These rules apply to all Project Outfox platforms unless otherwise noted, which includes this website, the forum, and Discord server. Although these rules are simple and concise, it is still important to read them carefully;

  1. Project Outfox community platforms are designed to be a positive environment for everyone. Keep drama out of the discussions, and do not harass, slander, threaten others for any reason, or otherwise post hate speech.
  2. Do not impersonate staff members.
  3. Do not post personal information about other users without their permission.
  4. Do not post content which exceeds a “PG-13” rating, is obviously NSFW, or is otherwise prohibited under relevant terms of use.
  5. Do not spam or post too rapidly on the Discord server. This applies to any form of content, including messages, emojis, images, etc.
  6. Do not unduly promote other projects/Discord servers/etc. without permission, particularly if they do not involve Project OutFox or StepMania
  7. Do not discuss potentially controversial aspects of subjects such as politics or religion.
  8. Do not post any content that violates copyrights or is otherwise illegal.
  9. Do not post simfiles that recreate content from active rhythm game franchises.
  10. Do not “beg”/ask for access to the source code for Project Outfox; it will be released under an open source license at a later date, but we are not currently doing so in order to ensure the integrity and quality of pre-release builds (ensuring that only builds vetted and tested by the development team are released to the public at this time). There are also optional non-free dependencies that we would have to remove before performing a open source code release.

Moderators and development team members reserve the right to enforce these conduct policies; abuse of our platforms may result in warnings or bans from the communities.


  • 27 January 2022: Simplify Rule 9
  • 7 July 2021: Change "Moondance"/"Team Rizu" to "Project Outfox platforms", update Rule 9's wording to be clearer and more concise.
  • 30 March 2020: Move to page on website for use by the forum, update wording to not apply only to the Discord server.
  • 29 May 2020: Add rule 10 on source code access

Privacy policy

  • A session cookie is generated by Cloudflare for the purposes of protecting against malicious traffic; this cookie does not enable cross-site tracking, and anonymizes your IP address “using a one-way hash of certain values so they cannot be personally identified”. For more information, please see the Cloudflare support page.
  • Besides that, the front-end website ( does not use any third-party tracking, analytics, or otherwise. In other words, we respect your privacy by not trying to infringe it in the first place.