About Project OutFox

What is Project OutFox?

Project OutFox is a fork of StepMania 5.1, led by a group of veteran rhythm game players wanting to provide a free and stable experience for the community. Its main goals include:

  • Refactoring its internal codebase to improve performance, adhere to modern coding practices, and enhance its capabilities on modern hardware and other platforms.
  • Working on support for single-board ARM systems such as Raspberry Pi, including the new M1 ARM systems, and improve performance on legacy systems.
  • Continue the legacy of StepMania 3.x; Refactor the ideas and visions from the early developers in making the game a fully fledged engine, not just focused primarily on one mode.
  • Restoring and improving support for other modes beyond dance.
  • Provide the facility to allow better customisation and ‘modding’ of the UI and functions. We are planning to make the project a cross-platform “sandbox” for rhythm games, rather than simply a simulator for popular dance game franchises.
  • Create a working museum of rhythm games for the newer generation to experience the major Boom of the early 2000s in a convenient way.

As Project OutFox is a continuation of the 5.0.12 and 5.1 codebase (not “5.2”), it remains compatible with almost all existing songs, themes, and noteskins that are supported on these versions (if you do encounter odd behaviour or other issues with older content, please report it to us as a bug). Project OutFox is unrelated to 5.1 -3 (sometimes written as 5.1-3), which was a prior build of 5.2 before it was renamed.

Who develops it?

It is developed by a team of community veterans and other members of the StepMania community.

Development Design Community Serenity
Squirrel Jose Varela Moru Zerinho6 Moru Zerinho6
Jousway Lirodon Moneko Daniel Rotwind
Cube dj505
Hanubeki Moneko
Gabrimax98 Melone
Jose Varela



The development members are the ones that make OutFox possible. They’re the people working on the game engine.

The design members are the ones who work on assets, themes and frontend.

The community members assists by creating, maintaining and expanding community projects and organizations, such as:

Project OutFox is an extensible rhythm game engine based on StepMania, featuring 18 different modes simulating different dance, instrument, and key-based rhythm games.

Its goal is to create a cross-platform “sandbox” and “museum” for the genre, supporting over 20 years worth of content across a variety of formats.

Latest stable version (2023-04-15):

Project OutFox 0.4.19 LTS