OutFox Serenity

OutFox Serenity is the official community song pack project for Project OutFox. Its purpose is to produce packs of free, stream-safe songs, and to showcase the functionality of Project OutFox by offering charts across all of its supported game types.

Latest stable version:

Volume I + II Winter Update

Contribute to Serenity

OutFox Serenity is a community-driven project; musicians can submit songs for consideration by the Serenity team, which are then assigned to chart artists and designers to create their accompanying charts and graphics. Join our Discord Server if you have any questions.

Submit Songs!

Share your song for people to chart and play, or suggest a author that you know!

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Submit Graphics!

This includes song artwork such as jackets, banners, backgrounds, as well as BGAs and background movies.

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Submit Charts!

If you have experience with the creation of charts for any mode that Project OutFox supports.

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Serenity History!

Read general information about OutFox Serenity, resumes, faqs and who works on them.

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User Profiles!

All user submission is documented in our Serenity User Profile Page, you too can be there if you contribute!

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Volume Resume

See the contents of each volume, graphics, songs, charts, song info, license and more.

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