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If it's your first time submitting content or if you haver never used the register page, please register yourself before submitting content.

You can get simfile templates either by joining our Discord Server or using the "Get Simfile Templates" button above. You must use those templates to submit charts for OutFox Serenity.

We recently added a new option that allows you to submit directly to us without joining our Discord Server, you should see a button named "Submit Chart Directly" above which you can use to send charts you have created to us, without joining our Discord Server, only use this option if you can't join our Discord Server.

Join our Discord Server to submit your content, there will be a "OutFox Serenity" category with channels to talk with others, submit content, request feedback and get updates. If you don't want to join a Discord Server, you can also submit directly to our Github Repository by Forking and creating a Pull Request, be sure you're submitting changes to the correct branch as we constantly make use of different branches depending on the volume and season.


  • Always create a reasonable number of difficulties: not everyone can play a 13 but a 5 is not appealing to everybody;
  • Use the provided template simfiles as a base to create your charts (they already have proper BPM and offsets applied). You can find simfile templates by joining our Discord Server;
  • You agree to license your charts under the CC-BY 3.0 or 4.0 license, attributed to the chart's authors (be sure to fill out the author field on each difficulty!);
  • Multiple chart artists can (and should) cooperate on the same music: having different minds work on the same job will get it done faster and improve variety;
  • Do what you want: tech, mods, stamina, gimmicky, freestyle, doubles… whatever your heart desires while still keeping a variety of levels;
  • You can make charts for all gametypes: you are not limited to only dance or pump (see the full list here);
  • The following rules apply to specific game types:
    • gddm: holds, mines, and rolls are not allowed.
    • gdgf: mines are not allowed
  • Don’t forget to tell if your step charts are for pad/mat or keyboard/controller play; 
  • Provide your submissions using the SSC format.
    • for modcharts, put the .ssc and all the scripts/assets used in a single .zip file;
    • use .bms/.pms for keysounded bemu/pomu charts.
    • use .dtx for keysounded gddm/gdgf charts.
  • Make sure only your difficulty has any changes, your submission should not impact other charts or the main chart header.
  • There can be more than one chart with the same difficulty, however, there can only be a max of 5 charts of the same difficulty and 2 charts of the same difficulty by the same author.
  • Follow the difficulty ratings found here.

By participating in this event, you agree to follow the guidelines described above. Content that does not meet the guidelines will not be included in the community pack. Giving feedback to other participants is wholeheartedly welcome, but remember to always be constructive and respectful, and remain in compliance with the Project OutFox community guidelines. Our community is designed to be a positive environment for everyone: keep drama out of the discussions, and do not harass, slander, threaten others for any reason. FAILING TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION. 

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate and feel free to contact OutFox Team members for more information.