• Here comes the last season of Serenity Volume 3, the Winter.

    This is the last season coming to Serenity Volume 3, each season added 3 songs and had 3 months of development for you to make and submit charts.

    Season 4 (Winter)


    BGAs shown on the video are not part of OutFox Serenity

    OpenTaiko Collab!

    As a special tradition of special events during the winter for Serenity, we have decided to shake things up a bit to reference the "Winter Updates" we released with Volume 1 and Volume 2. Thanks to a key member of the the Serenity Team, who shares their work with both OpenTaiko and OutFox Serenity, this collab managed to happen in a very quick and easy way, we're happy to be able to collaborate with another team of people who believe in open development.

    As for how the collab works, we have decided to share 5 songs from each of our collections with the other game, meaning: OpenTaiko gets 5 songs from OutFox Serenity and OutFox Serenity gets 5 songs from OpenTaiko. The songs were selected by vote for each team. Here's the list:

    OpenTaiko Gets

    Song Name Author
    B-Happy - Ace of Beat
    Eradication of Light - Mintorment
    brokenHeart resurrection estele - RILEY
    What Year Is This - Sevish
    Relaxation Piece of Conclusion - Zenth

    Both OpenTaiko and OutFox Serenity have notified and asked the song authors if they agreed with the sharing of their songs. We hope to continue working with OpenTaiko as a way to connect both communities and bring more collabs in the future, please check out OpenTaiko with the links below:

    New Songs

    FunkBoi (by SenPi)

    ΣxilƎ (By mrcool909090)

    ReCollapse (By H888 (H5 + DashyDesu))

    Liar Prison (By SiLiS ft. Karin Natsuki)

    RUiNED GLORY (By Sukima Altera)

    Songs added from OpenTaiko to OutFox Serenity are licensed under the OpenTaiko Default License, check the song folder for the license file.

    But that's not all, while submission will open with 5 new songs, an additional song is planned to be added later which will be added to both OpenTaiko and OutFox Serenity, meaning we'll be adding a total of 6 songs this season alone, we hope those songs ignite the vision of an epic chart for you to make and make everyone play and set their scores.

    Taiko charts both for songs added to Serenity and from Serenity will be available with the Winter Season, meaning you'll have lots of taiko charts to test and play right away!

    Special Message from Colin (OPTK and Serenity Team Member)

    Hi! This is Colin from the Serenity Team. As you may (or may not) know, I am also a member of the OpenTaiko charting team. Because of my unique position, I was able to initiate a special collaboration between Project OutFox: Serenity and OpenTaiko. My main goal was to highlight all of the talented artists in both the Taiko and Stepmania communities, and I hope that I fufilled my role well! However, I could not have done this alone! Thank you to Moru Zerinho6 for working closely with me (despite my very, very limited knowledge about licensing), Lirodon for the awesome trailer, the Serenity team for helping select songs to add into the game, all of the immensely talented charters who brought these songs to life in-game, and the development teams of both OpenTaiko and Project OutFox for making this possible! I hope everyone will enjoy all of these new songs and charts, and send your love to their respective artists! Happy drumming!


    Those people are/were internal members of the project and helped with the pre-development of OutFox Serenity Volume 3:

    Current members Serenity/OutFox Team

    • Colin (The one who made OpenTaiko Collab possible, Taiko Chart Creation, Music Selection)
    • Lirodon (Website, Trailer, Assets and Website, Asset added to OpenTaiko, Serenity Publishment)
    • Melone (KBX Chart Creation, Music Selection, Asset added to OpenTaiko)
    • shockdude (GH Chart Templates and Chart Creation, Music Selection)
    • Daniel Rotwind (Chart Templates, be-mu/po-mu Chart Creation, Music Selection, Music added to OpenTaiko, Asset added to OpenTaiko)
    • Jose_varela (Music added to OpenTaiko)
    • Moneko (Music Selection)
    • Moru Zerinho6 (Website, SSC Templates, Music Selection, Serenity Blogs / Management / Organization / Wiki / Publishment)
    • Hanubeki (Music Selection)

    Former members of Serenity/OutFox Team

    • SHRMP0 (SSC Templates, Content Moderation, Music Selection, Third-Party Connections, Website, Serenity Publishment)
    • SheppyChris (SSC Templates, Music Selection)
    • Sevish (Sound Equalization, Music Selection)

    Join the Serenity Team!

    Are you knowledgeable and have some free time to lend a hand in making Serenity better? We're searching for individuals to contribute to the following areas:

    • Creation of SSC templates for upcoming songs: This involves adding essential metadata to SSC like credits and tempo changes, but not actually creating the chart.
    • Equalization of Audio: We need help balancing the loudness of future songs, so they don't sound too different from other Serenity songs.
    • Chart/Templates Development for any mode: You can start developing charts early for your favorite mode and also aid us in selecting future songs.
    • Quality Check: Help us moderate the quality of charts submitted to OutFox Serenity. Having different opinions from people who know how to create content will improve the pack.
    • Content Moderation: Keep in check with our volume spreadsheet and new song submission.
    • Asset Creation: Help us by creating images and or video for OutFox Serenity.

    Please note that like Project OutFox itself, OutFox Serenity is not for profit and has no monetary gains. We dedicate our free time to make a pack available for the community as a hobby. If you decide to join the team, we will respect your time and support you when possible, but we also expect your care and cooperation with the project.

    If you feel like helping us then join the Discord Server and mention any of the moderators, it can be in private too!

    Join the Community!

    Give feedback, share your content, discuss and talk with the community not only of Serenity but Project OutFox as a whole, join our Discord Server with over 2450 members!

    Temporary Pack

    As a new OutFox Serenity season comes, the past season gets a temporary pack release, this is meant for people to playtest charts and their content to check if everything so far is the way it should be.

    You can download the temporary pack here.

  • A new season comes for OutFox Serenity Volume 3, we're going from Summer to Fall.


    Song Artist Suggestion

    We have recently put out a form asking what you think about some proposed serenity plans and the future, One of the questions in specific was about how you would feel about an option to suggest Artists for us to contact, the response was extremely positive and so we went ahead and created a form where you can do exactly that! You can find it here: OutFox Serenity Song Suggestion Page, you might notice the text field to talk about the background of the artist, we want you to use that space to talk about how you view that artist and how you think their song can fit with OutFox Serenity, which modes might like it a lot or if you think it would just be cool, don't hold back on sharing what you think as we'll analyze every suggestion.

    We have also added a new button inside the serenity page to suggest song authors!


    Simfile Templates

    Right now you're required to join our Discord Server to get simfile templates (or our GitHub Repository, GitHub isn't meant to be a very user-friendly interface however for non-programmers.), we will be changing that soon by adding a page where you'll be able to download templates directly from our website, we will keep you updated with a new blogpost when that happens.

    Volume 3 Temporary Pack

    The temporary pack for volume has been updated once again, as a reminder, temporary packs are not a release version but are instead meant to be used to test and try charting before the release at the end of season 4. Temporary packs might include unfinished content or even a lack of content such as art and charts.

    Download the Volume 3 Season 2 Temporary Pack here.

    Season 3


    BGAs shown on the video are not part of OutFox Serenity

    New Songs

    Like a Dream

    Mango Mangrove


    Serenity Volume 3 Spreadsheet

    The volume 3 spreadsheet has been updated with the new songs, comment on what you want to work on so others are aware!

    Join the Community!

    Give feedback, share your content, discuss and talk with the community not only of Serenity but Project OutFox as a whole, join our Discord Server with over 2300 members!

  • Stay up to date with Project OutFox by following us on your favourite social media platforms:

    Use the hashtags #ProjectOutFox and #プロきつ to share your content with us!

  • A new season comes for OutFox Serenity Volume 3, we're going from Spring to Summer


    BGAs shown on the video are not part of OutFox Serenity

    New Songs


    Eradication of Light

    Frenzied Serenity

    Serenity Volume 3 Spreadsheet

    The volume 3 spreadsheet has been updated with the new songs, comment on what you want to work on so others are aware!

    Serenity Page

    The serenity page has been updated to make it easier for new people to know the guidelines and how to submit their content.

    There will be a section for each type of content submission, you'll be sent to a new page showing the guidelines of that specific content telling the user to first register and then join our Discord to submit Charts and/or Graphics, music submission will have an additional link with a form made to submit music only.

    The user register form has been updated not to have music-specific fields.

    "Content" pages have been moved to OutFox Wiki where you can see the History, User Profiles, and Volume Resumes of OutFox Serenity.

    We plan to create a new page that will allow users to download simfile templates without joining our Discord Server.

    Join the Community!

    Give feedback, share your content, discuss and talk with the community not only of Serenity but Project OutFox as a whole, join our Discord Server with over 2200 members!

  • OutFox Serenity


    We're happy to announce that OutFox Serenity Volume 2 Winter Update just released, the second winter update since volume 1, we thank every single contributor for making the project go this far and this big.

    With the launch of this volume, OutFox Serenity will have a total of 560 charts available to play, go ahead and check the OutFox Serenity Page for more info!

    A place to remember

    With OutFox Serenity always growing, so is the number of artists for charts, graphics, and songs, OutFox Serenity was always about the contribution to the community and making your name.

    Because of that, we have started working on something where people will be able to view information about all submissions you and others have made, when possible, we will also include your socials so more people can follow your work elsewhere.

    We're not ready to share more details than that as the project just recently began, but rest assured that your contributions will be documented.

    What now

    As some of you might know, OutFox Serenity Volume 3 has already been in the works for quite some time given how it will have a different development period compared to how we have done it in the past, we're also very close to its reveal it is just a few days away.

    With this announcement, a new category should be available, on OutFox Discord Server, for OutFox Serenity, with a better way to submit content, discuss rates/chart creation, and how find our spreadsheets. We have also updated our outfox serenity guidelines page with new rules and an easier way to register yourself/submit music.

    Keep your attention on any of our socials so you don't lose the Volume 3 announcement!


    Ready to see what updates our members have worked on? Let's see them!

    New Projects

    Peters-Noteskins (Tiny-Foxes Fork)

    This is a fork of MegaSphere/Pete-Lawrence's StepMania noteskins repository. The focus of this fork is to focus on adding Project OutFox-optimized versions of its StepMania 5.x noteskins, namely by:

    • Adjusting their code to adhere to its developers' best practices for Lua code style (i.e. removing use of cmd blocks, replacing semicolons with commas, etc.)
    • Adjusting their code to support Project OutFox's Lua timing system (namely, recognizing judgements beyond W1, as well as using a different method to color the note explosion sprite in order to support judgement colors defined by themes)
    • Adding sprites for OutFox-specific notes such as lift holds and mine holds.


    OpenSMO but updated...TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND! ~ Jous


    Translation Helper for Project OutFox

    This program compares a source and target language file, to check for missing keys.


    This repo hosts the data files for combo number graphics made by MattMayuga, with some of them here to accompany the respective judgefonts.

    Project Updates








    NEW Theme colors! You can now choose between several (about 25 at the moment?) different color schemes! Highly requested by the community.

    NEW Background brightness! Allows you to dim the image in the background.

    NEW Theme provided judgments and toasties! I included a few to make the theme more theme-like.

    NEW Judgment animation toggles! You can turn on or off animations on judgments if you find them distracting.

    Fixed anomalies in Player Options when using only Player 2

    Fixed course mode breaking in song wheel (still unstable in gameplay, work in progress)

    Added higher-quality grade indicators in the evaluation screen

    Various stability and bug fixes


    That's it for now, see you next time!

  • OutFox Serenity

    Hello everyone!

    The testing weeks for OutFox Serenity Volume 2 just finished, thanks a lot to everyone who contributed, be sure to take your well-deserved rest as the pack releases with Project OutFox Alpha V.

    It has been some time since the start of Volume 2, since then, we had much time to request feedback and take decisions about the future of Serenity and how to better manage the space in which submissions are made, this blogpost will share important information about what we want to do in the future, how/why we decided such things, and how we expect it to benefit you as a player or as a Serenity Contributor.

    Development Time & Submission Space

    With Volume 2, we decided to give more time than usual for contributors to make graphics and charts, we took at face value the number of charts that were made for Volume 1 and how much time everyone had, it wasn't a good idea, many contributors shared their sentiment about waiting till the end to see what others wanted to make and the high timeframe removed some motivation, however, that wasn't all.

    If you aren't a member of our Discord Community, a key decision was made before Volume 2 that made OutFox Serenity a separate server from Project OutFox, this meant that everyone who wanted to contribute to OutFox Serenity would be required to join another server, the reason for such decision was to remove channels and roles from the main server to clear channel navigation and prepare for "plans". After some time, we noticed that fewer people would participate for lack of visibility, a member who joined our main server had no way of knowing that OutFox Serenity was even a thing, while good things came from having a different server, it only hurt the project.

    With that in mind, here are our plans for the future:

    • The next volume, OutFox Serenity Volume 2 Winter Update, will have a timeframe of around 3 months open for graphics and chart contribution. (Not including testing weeks)
    • With OutFox Serenity Volume 3, we will bring back the serenity channels to Project OutFox main server and archive the separate server. (No content will be lost)

    As to how we think this will help:

    • Our latest feedback request showed that many contributors see a 3-month timeframe as the perfect time to produce content.
    • Having the Serenity channels back to our main server will instantly open the visibility to more than 1800 users, it will also help Project OutFox Moderation Team not have to take care of two servers.

    OutFox Serenity Volume 2 Winter Update

    As you have read above, our next volume will be another Winter Update (or OutFox Serenity Volume 2.5 for some), some might remember that we planned to release 2 big packs this year, but we decided to move that content for something different.

    We won't reveal the submission start date as we want contributors to take their time without having to worry about Serenity.

    Just like Volume 1 Winter Update, Volume 2 Winter Update will add a small number of songs (3 songs) to focus more on adding charts for the past large bulk of new songs.

    OutFox Serenity Volume 3

    Volume 3 will be a different from other volumes in every way and will also redefine Serenity works, taking together feedback from the community and some crazy ideas we had.


    Many members shared their interest in Serenity "Seasons" and we always listened to such feedback and decided to take that to the test, here's how Seasons will work:

    • There's no upper limit, you can release updates to a Season even after it has been "released".
    • Each Season comes with 3 songs, they'll be released with a base SSC template, and templates for specific modes will be released when ready.
    • Serenity Volumes will get a new patch at the start of every month after it was revealed.
    • Each Season will add its content into their Volume folder, meaning all 4 seasons of Volume 3 will be added to "OutFox Serenity Volume 3".
    • Each Season will have its trailer of selected songs "jukebox style", but a volume release trailer won't be made anymore.
    • Seasons will follow Meteorological Seasons timing, which means:
      • Spring Season will release 3 new songs on 01/03.
      • Summer Season will release 3 new songs on 01/06.
      • Fall Season will release 3 new songs on 01/09.
      • Winter Season will release 3 new songs on 01/12.

    Having a constant flux of songs will help make the project feel more active, the small number of songs should give a healthy amount of charts for each and each year will close as if we had launched a big pack with 12 songs. It is important to note that we will allow songs to be released without song-specific graphics (which will fall back on their Volume specific Background/Banner/Jacket).

    OutFox Serenity Volume is planned to take place in 2023, expect more details to be shared later.

    Song License

    It is the main objective for OutFox Serenity to make a legal, safe, and full of content pack, this means that you must be allowed to play any chart you want, be it in public at a cab, streaming on Youtube/Twitch, or just having a time.

    The majority of songs included with OutFox Serenity use CC-BY licenses, which grants enough rights to make both the artist and player safe, however, you might have noticed that not all of them are like that and the more popular OutFox Serenity gets, the more non-CC-BY music submissions we get, we came with the following conclusion:

    ARR (All Rights Reserved) music submissions will be accepted by everyone as long we the artist agrees not to strike or go after anyone who streams/records/plays a chart that includes the Artist's song if played from Project OutFox or Project OutFox related products. We will update our submission and guidelines page to make it clear that if one submits music with such a license, you'll have agreed with such rules, otherwise your content will be removed and future submissions will not be accepted.


    Now with the Tiny-Foxes news, it has been quite some time since our last blogpost as Project OutFox is working to get Alpha V out with new themes and features for Tiny-Foxes members to develop, but that hasn't stopped new ideas from being created.

    New Projects


    A project which allows Project OutFox translators to separate each .ini section into its file.



    Created by jose1711, OutFox-sk is a repository that hosts a Slovak translation of Project OutFox!


    Repository project which hosts noteskins of Daniel Rotwind for Project Outfox.


    This is a modification of the legacy theme from StepMania 5.0.x to be used as a theming playground of sorts trying to come up with something I personally feel proud of.

    Project Updates


    Has been updated to mention more wiring methods.


    • Added pump noteskin.
    • Updated


    Alpha Noteskin Logo

    Has had a new release with a new kbx noteskin, alpha-kbx!

    This update introduces Alpha-KBX into the fold, a bar-based noteskin for exclusive use for the kbx gamemode.
    Be sure to copy the respective noteskins into the proper folders as to avoid problems!

    For alpha-arrows [Outfox Directory]\Appearance\NoteSkins\global

    For alpha-kbx [Outfox Directory]\Appearance\NoteSkins\kbx


    Common splash.png

    Updated to have the same features as Project OutFox 4.15, you can download the new release here.


    • Added pump variant for Side Stars.
    • Added OutFox variant for Side Stars.
    • Added new variants for existing judgefonts.

    Here's an image to showcase how Side Stars OutFox looks:


    Superuser Got a new release, Superuser v1.3.0!

    it's been 84 years...

    Sorry for the long pause on releases! I've been hard at work implementing a lot of things, including a Lua wheel! Big thanks to @Jousway for creating the wheels in the TF_Wheels repo as well as giving lots of help with mine!

    • Scrolling through the music wheel should be much smoother now.

    This new wheel is VERY different from what you're used to. It's not just one wheel either, it's two!

    • Group and song selection is now done through separate wheels.

    You may notice the little colorful chocolate pips on each song. It's a quick way to glance at what charts a song has.

    • "Chart pips" have been added to song panels in the song wheel.

    Not only that, but the group wheel has some neat stuff, too! People looking through packs can now see a short list of artists with songs in it!

    • Artist list, song count, and group banner are viewable on the group wheel.

    And finally, because this new wheel style is weird and confusing and scary, there's instructions on screen to help you through it.

    • Control information is presented on the song wheel and difficulty selection.

    ...oh right.

    • Difficulty selection is separated from song wheel.

    That's about all I have to summarize, be sure to check the commits and compare for more detailed changes!

    See you soon <3
    ~ Sudo

    Project OutFox Steam Workshop

    As many of you might know, Project OutFox will soon come to Steam, and Steam Workshop will be supported, this does not mean Tiny-Foxes will stop being supported, we're still in talks about it but Tiny-Foxes projects added into Steam Workshop will be considered semi-official and secure, this is important as moderation/license requirement will be taken seriously.

    That's it for now, see you next time!

  • If you stopped by the Intel Gaming booth at PAX East in Boston last weekend, you might have noticed a dance game setup running Project OutFox! The setup featured the Step ManiaX pads, and a customized version of Sudospective's OutFox theme Superuser.

    It was a pleasant surprise to be featured at such a prominent event, so we would once again like to thank Intel and everyone else involved for choosing to use Project OutFox, and we hope everyone who played had fun!

  • We're happy to announce big and fresh news to our biggest community project, OutFox Serenity. Our team has been working very hard to make the future of Serenity even better and keep showcasing our community creativity, knowledge and skills, you'll not want to miss it.

    Serenity Volume 2

    The next major version of Serenity has finally come! As a reminder, since Volume 1 Winter Update all Serenity-related development has been moved to it's own dedicated Serenity server. For Volume 2, 10 new songs from a variety of genres have been chosen to reflect the even bigger number of game modes now available on OutFox compared to when Serenity was created. Here's the list:


    chop chop

    Support via Bandcamp. "chop chop" is also featured on RaoulWB's own game, Fech The Ferret, go check it out!


    Support via Bandcamp.


    Into My Dream

    Bounded Quietude


    Neutralize (PTB10 MIX)


    Technological ≠ Emotional


    Serenity Vol 2 Status Sheet

    In order to facilitate organizing things and communication it's crucial to let other people know what you're working on. With this in mind, make of use this THIS SPREADSHEET to keep track of how development for Serenity Vol 2 is going. Also, be sure to first join our Serenity Discord Server to have a quick and directly channel to talk, share ideas and feedback with other members and quickly get the latest info first hand as soon as possible.

    Serenity Playlist

    To accommodate for songs that are not already publicly available on streaming platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Deezer, etc. we decided to create our Serenity Playlist where you'll find the in-game cut of every song featured since Volume 1. There's links for full/extended versions, ways to support and artists' socials inside each video description for those interested. Check them out here:


    Shortly after the Volume 1 launch we released a legacy version for use with older versions of StepMania 5, such as 5.0.12, 5.1 and some of its forks. We felt this was an important thing to do for our first launch, but after evaluating our analytics data it's clear not many people are interested in it. Moving forward, we have no plans to release more legacy packs that target those versions. One of Serenity's goals is to showcase and take advantage of OutFox's new features and gamemodes, including fixes and changes made to already existing modes. Naturally, to fully experience and enjoy it, it's always recommended to use the latest OutFox version available.

    Unfortunately, retrofitting Serenity content to create legacy versions is not an easy task. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to troubleshoot and validate everything. First, all content made for new modes and styles has to be outright removed. Then, we have to manually check all remaining charts for note types, gimmicks, etc that only work on OutFox (which may not behave correctly or cause crashes on 5.x) and figure out what's the best course of action: edit the charts to make them playable, possibly taking away what the original creators envisioned for it, or simply remove those?

    That being said, those who may still want to play Serenity on legacy SM setups anyway at their discretion are free to fork our GitHub repository and do the required edits for their own personal use.

    Chart & Graphics Development Cycle

    Based on feedback and internal discussion, we also decided to give the community more time than ever before. With Serenity Volume 2, we're starting 27/03 till 16/07 with chart and graphics submissions, then we'll enter testing and QA phase from 17/07 to 31/07, resulting in around 123 days of development for our community to create charts.

    After much planning, we believe this will work better for everyone involved as it alleviates the pressure of having very limited time to participate while also having to manage their own personal matters. We expect to release at least 2 Serenity packs per year, both with more than 100 days of development cycle time for charts and graphics, featuring at least 6 new songs on each pack, going up to 10 songs. Of course, this may be subject to changes based on how much submissions the community brings and other factors.

    If you're interested in having your work being showcased, be it music/chart/graphic then come join our Serenity Discord Server.

    Music Submissions

    As we aim to make bigger and bigger Serenity packs, our search for more awesome music contributions from talented people also grows. If you make music or have any friends who create music and wish to be featured on future Serenity updates, please fill our online submission form, after reading our guidelines to make sure everything is cleared and safe for use.

    Music submissions are always open. Regardless if a volume is currently in development or not, we're always checking our submissions backlog and curating possible candidates for use and will contact you if we think something is fit.

  • A welcome back

    Busy time it has been for everyone everywhere, and this year shows no indication of being different, there are quite a lot of things to talk about since the last update, so get ready for a long read. However, there is one thing before all that is needed to make clear.

    Blog Updates

    On the November 2021 update, we announced that our next blog post would only be next year Feb (3 months of an interval), this is something that we wish to continue doing, while monthly updates are a constant case with OutFox and other OutFox Community Team Projects, it is not with Tiny-Foxes, the new interval of 3 months will help us connect such blog posts with other projects that we are soon to announce, so having this in mind, 3 months will be the minimum you'll have to wait, some might take a bit longer but we will try to keep it during that interval, thanks for the understanding.

    OutFox Serenity

    If you're not aware, we have already released the Winter Update for Volume I, you can check out the showcase here. Now is the time to talk about its development.


    2021 was very close to ending, while Vol 1 was a big hit, many members of OutFox Team we're discussing releasing more volumes constantly per year, even with the amount of content Vol 1 had, it would be too little of what we could do. Many agreed, but we were already too close to the end of the year that if we wanted to give proper time, we would have to instead, target a Winter Update with a focus on adding content to old songs, rather than adding 10 new songs with little time for the community to make content.

    Reveal and Development

    The songs for the Winter Update were then set:

    • Umi's Secret
    • Plasma
    • Low End Theory

    With a low amount of songs, we were sure our community would be able to make a good amount of content even with the busy time it was. Skipping to the deadline, 76 Charts have been created for 3 songs. Volume I Winter Update StepArtists had 50 days of development.


    With the pack ready and set, we were ready to launch at any time, we decided to wait for OutFox's next alpha version to reach as many people as possible, which made us launch a bit later than expected but in the end, it was a good choice.

    What we learned

    While we were surprised at the amount of content the community was able to create in such a little time, we do not wish to apply such pressure again and decided to plan the date of future Serenity Volumes. As such, we have some news to share.

    OutFox Serenity Team

    This will be a busy year for OutFox Development and Releases. Meaning we had to create a team to pay attention only to Serenity.

    OutFox Serenity Team will be a subset of OutFox Community Team, meaning they do not represent or take part in OutFox Staff decisions. Two members have already joined:

    • Daniel Rotwind: Has contributed with the most amount of charts for serenity (52 at the time of writing), is the second highest art contributor for serenity (Behind only Lirodon who is part of OutFox Design Team) and helped with the creation of templates for beat-based game modes.

    • Sevish: Has contributed with "Some Things Must" song featured in Volume I, and reached out to help us normalize all songs for Serenity Packs.

    Each one of those and future members of the Serenity Team, work on a specific area in which they have already shown experience before, and as such, does not deal with any type of moderation for the project. If you create templates for OutFox Serenity, then we will gladly welcome you to try to join our team, if you do something else that you think might help us, be sure to reach us out on OutFox Serenity Server.


    It is time for the repository updates!


    Update by moruzerinho6:

    Tiny-Webini was a tool used to help translate the Project OutFox Website, however, the backend has been updated to help properly translate many elements of the website, and as such, this tool is no longer much use, to maintain its update was also extremely time-consuming, having to recreate the website again but locally and with Electron.

    If you wish to translate the website, please reach out to us on our Discord Server.

    Simply Love OutFox

    Update by Jose_Varela:


    Update by Joehuu:


    Updates by MrThatKid4:


    Updates by Jousway:


    Update by R.O.B.-Bot:

    Added 3D/+ Versions of the OutFox Note/ITG noteskins for the SMX game mode.


    Updates by Aqui:

    Had a new major release!

    • All elements resized and reworked accordingly.
    • New Mine and MineHold graphics.
    • More code reworks to maintain visual consistency across game modes.


    Updates by Sudospective:


    • NEW! Added support for Def.NoteField
    • NEW! Added Node type ModPlayer
    • Revamped internal library system
    • Fixed issues with mirin-syntax malformed Lua

    Full Changelog: v3.1.3...v4.0.0


    While not much has been happening on the main branch, the stating branch is constantly getting updated with new stuff which is new to OutFox.

    Updates by Sudospective: (Stating branch)


    Many repositories licenses have been updated to 2022.

  • The winter is coming, have you heard the song yet?

    Heads up!

    Serenity Winter Update is currently open for chart and graphics submission, want to know if there's anything you can help with? Check out these:

    If there's anything here that you would like to help with, please read our Winter Update blogpost.

    Moru Personal Note (Tiny-Foxes Owner)

    As the year comes to an end, our member's life becomes busier with life stuff, OutFox Team has never been in such high production before, as a result, don't be surprised those last months have few updates besides members personal projects, for myself I can barely take care of what I could when this project started...I got a job sooner than I expected and I wasn't aware of the time I would then lose not doing things I want to do. However, next year will be a big year, both for Tiny-Foxes and Project OutFox, many kinds of stuff are in the works that even we can't believe is happening so let us know you're with us and share our hard work with your friends, they won't want to miss out on what is to come.

    Project Updates


    Added new Luminousity judgefont


    Added Oct Monthly post.


    Fix Konko module implementation.


    November 2021 Update.


    Added dummy masks to fix wierd behavour in modfiles.


    • Updated Kitsu Template version to 3.1.0
    • Made entire modfile environment local
    • Add proxywall node type
    • Add support for multiple player proxies
    • Add note type ActorCamera

    That's it for now, stay safe out there and be ready for the winter!