A new season comes for OutFox Serenity Volume 3, we're going from Spring to Summer


BGAs shown on the video are not part of OutFox Serenity

New Songs


Eradication of Light

Frenzied Serenity

Serenity Volume 3 Spreadsheet

The volume 3 spreadsheet has been updated with the new songs, comment on what you want to work on so others are aware!

Serenity Page

The serenity page has been updated to make it easier for new people to know the guidelines and how to submit their content.

There will be a section for each type of content submission, you'll be sent to a new page showing the guidelines of that specific content telling the user to first register and then join our Discord to submit Charts and/or Graphics, music submission will have an additional link with a form made to submit music only.

The user register form has been updated not to have music-specific fields.

"Content" pages have been moved to OutFox Wiki where you can see the History, User Profiles, and Volume Resumes of OutFox Serenity.

We plan to create a new page that will allow users to download simfile templates without joining our Discord Server.

Join the Community!

Give feedback, share your content, discuss and talk with the community not only of Serenity but Project OutFox as a whole, join our Discord Server with over 2200 members!