Frequently asked questions

  • Due to its length, the full release notes are on the OutFox wiki.

    If you are moving from 0.4 4 LTS to this build, do not use the same Preferences.ini -- let the game generate a new one and then restore your settings.

    Multiple types of amd64 builds compiled on different LTS versions of Ubuntu are available on the GitHub page. Pick the one that is best-suited to your system.

  • Incorporates Internal Builds 0.5.0-000 to 0.5.0-041)

    Incorporates Internal Builds alpha5-silver A0 to A19)

    This build continues to stabilise and work on fixes we had begun to work on in 040, which was our last update. Sorry the release took over 2 months! We were working hard all that time!

    Thank you for all the reports, and the playing time guys, it is really appreciated, it's allowed us to push on with newer parts of the project that would have been delayed a bit longer if we didn't have you kind folks playing this work-in-progress game.

    The ChangeLog is a bit vast for this month, I hope you take a moment to sift through it, but if you have questions, either ping us in discord or leave us a message!

    We have fixed the OS issues on Linux and MacOS 12.6.x and 13.x, sorry this update took a while!

    We didn't want to patch up all the tiny bits on Steam so we felt it better to just get a big update done - but we won't do that again, it's a bit too hairy for us!

    Thank you to all the Mac and Linux users that reported the issues for us to fix, and to you guys for continuing to support our little project, as well as the players signing up to the playtest - we will be opening this up for you all very very soon!

    This change list is pretty long, as we have several mini updates in it! I hope you enjoy reading through these, do let us know if there are things we can do to improve this experience for you guys!

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 041 -a9 - April 29th 2023

    • β•βœ… Synced updates with the alphav-theme
    • β•βœ… NEW! return to the portal link if portal was selected
    • β•βœ… Auto Resize ScreenDebugOverlay on low definition (480p) themes
    • β•βœ… NEW! restore #LASTBEATHINT to .sm files
    • β•βœ… Fixed a slew of parsing bugs in the .sm parser
    • β•βœ… Fixed leaked memory in the .sm parser
    • β•βœ… Fixed bad update call in DrawPrimitives breaking some mod calls
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with access calls on GameSoundManager
    • β•βœ… Fixed potential crash/freeze with ImageCache

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 041 -a8 - April 25th 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with favourites not being found sometimes on some systems
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with favourites folder
    • β•βœ… Fixed FileWrite Call
    • β•βœ… Replaced library used for ImageCache to improve stability and Memory use
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with MIDI buttons not being seen after being saved to keymaps.ini
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with MIDI buttons not being saved on the Map Controller screen for MIDI controllers
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing entries on InputDevice
    • β•βœ… Added Wii & Wii-U controller support to our HIDAPI Driver
    • β•βœ… Fixed stuck buttons on MIDI drumkits due to Channel 09 varying non-zero values.
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with buffer underrun on some sound cards
    • β•βœ… NEW! 2 Player ParaPara Mode support with official PS2 controllers!
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing official PS2 ParaParaParadise controllers on Mac and Linux
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug in ParaPara input driver by rewriting it
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with duplicate controllers on Mac/Linux/Steam

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 041 -a7 - April 22nd 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with multiple loads of FGChanges
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with some lua definitions not quite being nil
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with BGChanges crashing on invalid Enums
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with CheckEnum corrupting the lua stack
    • β•βœ… Brought over 1-4 player PS2 official parapara controller input driver from Dragons
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with some vectors not being correctly handled in the background calls
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with bad math calls in music wheel
    • β•βœ… Fixed chartkey loading 3 times on every action on the music wheel
    • β•βœ… Fixed PlayCopy() crash
    • β•βœ… Fixed incorrect usage of pushnil in NETMAN
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with enum call in ActorUtil
    • β•βœ… Fixed pointer crash on file closing on some modfile calls
    • β•βœ… Made the OTO (osu) parser much more stable, and added samplesounds/hitsound support
    • β•βœ… Fixed a few wry mutex issues now we are planning for lower latency
    • β•βœ… Fixed a reported tickhold bug
    • β•βœ… Fixed the reported GetBGChanges() 'bug' by rewriting the methods, as they are now chart specific
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with mod columns calling 88 instances when we don't plan to have piano mode moddable
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with updateholdnotes
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash in GameSoundManager
    • β•βœ… Re-implement SSC hold metric features - Penalise tap score none/Judge hold notes on same row together/checkpoints flash on hold/immediate hold let go/combo break on immediate hold let go/require step on hold heads/checkpoint taps separate judgement
    • β•βœ… Fix issue with GetBGA, by rewriting it to support steps
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with no keysoundfile clearance
    • β•βœ… Added new support for OTO (osu) keysounds
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with missing FGChanges calls
    • β•βœ… Fixed weird draw issue with some themes and GLAD renderer
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash in steps creation
    • β•βœ… Changed BGA to be chart based for SSC/SM files
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with favourites affecting speed mods
    • β•βœ… Updated Docker builds
    • β•βœ… Fixed crashes with Python2/Python3 IO boards
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with ASIO support on win32
    • β•βœ… Added pulseaudio to PortAudio in prep for new sound back end
    • β•βœ… Fixed clocks for rtAudio on mac/linux
    • β•βœ… Added more info for statsoverlay
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with some lower() command calls
    • β•βœ… Fixed CODESET offset bug reported by Rythmlunatic

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 041 -a6 - April 08th 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on refcount
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with pro-explosions not falling back when not provided
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with calories being default goal on the alpha-v theme
    • β•βœ… Fixed def.notefield preview autoplay not reloading on looped audio
    • β•βœ… Restore Add and Scale check to smart timing windows
    • β•βœ… Fixed ddrio for 32bit machines
    • β•βœ… Fixed lua errors on course and endless modes
    • β•βœ… Added sound options to themes
    • β•βœ… Fixed favourites not loading BGAs
    • β•βœ… Added SongPreviewVolume
    • β•βœ… Added additional song folder master folder for BMS file support
    • β•βœ… Changed UpdateDrawLoopSeconds to take FPS values
    • β•βœ… Added option to disable hotswap controller support for performance
    • β•βœ… Added set loops per second to ease CPU usage
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with buffer type in rtaudio
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with rounding error on syncing machine
    • β•βœ… Fixed FPS inaccuracies
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with misplaced drawloop
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with overflow on sound buffers
    • β•βœ… Show shader compile errors onscreen
    • β•βœ… Added themepref for NoteDataLimit
    • β•βœ… Fixed cast with clock resolution
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with large size notedata loading
    • β•βœ… Fixed cache miss

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 041 -a5 - April 08th 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed clock method in new audio back end for linux/mac
    • β•βœ… Added new round method for sound buffer
    • β•βœ… Restored legacy SM-5 driver options for those that requested it
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with repeated samplerate calls
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing API support in the main sound driver
    • β•βœ… Fixed linux compile with rtAudio
    • β•βœ… Fixed correct flags on device initialisation
    • β•βœ… Fixed bad code in ragesound
    • β•βœ… Fixed panda logger creation
    • β•βœ… Added new soundwaves links on main page

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 041 -a4 - March 27th 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed Linux builds compiling for modern systems
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with a temp patch for uniformtextures overriding each other
    • β•βœ… Added new FBO status information
    • β•βœ… NEW! rtAudio stub and skeleton
    • β•βœ… Fixed latency with some of the internal audio code
    • β•βœ… Fixed audio latency and compile
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug in Mac/Linux steam variants by downgrading to 5.2 rtaudio
    • β•βœ… Fixed logging and device detection in Linux
    • β•βœ… Fixed stuttering on rt-pulseaudio
    • β•βœ… Fixed preference information and buffer edits
    • β•βœ… Fixed 3.0 era particle animation processes
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with pandalog not using correct loc when set
    • β•βœ… Added a new sound logfile for the new systems
    • β•βœ… Fixed internal streamtime polling for audio
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with unavailable streams not being available due to a windows quirk
    • β•βœ… NEW!! rt-Asio Driver
    • β•βœ… NEW!! rt-DirectSound Driver
    • β•βœ… NEW!! rt-WASAPI Driver
    • β•βœ… NEW!! rt-JACK Driver
    • β•βœ… NEW!! rt-ALSA Driver
    • β•βœ… NEW!! rt-Pulse Driver
    • β•βœ… NEW!! rt-OSS (4+) Driver
    • β•βœ… NEW!! rt-CoreAudio Driver
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with legacy SM drivers trying to set a rate that's not supported
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug in accuracy of sound by removing SM 2.5x era cruft
    • β•βœ… Added new sound driver selection in the debug stats
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with missing favourites folder stuff on soundwaves, you can now use this
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on Jack not available - do not use this driver unless you run jack for now, we need to code the path for it.


    This build utilises a new back end and completely does away with the old SM5 drivers. It was super heavily requested by the community that we have something configurable that could be used to lower latency in the game for key-sounded and hit sounded modes, so we delayed this build to squeeze it in. There are still a couple of bugs which will be ironed out, but for 99% of users, this build will work fine.


    With lower latency, comes some compromises. It is super clear and sharp, you have better clarity, it obviously uses new drivers, which include some new preferences, see below.

    We have discovered Discord does NOT like low latency based drivers... AT ALL. please bear this in mind if you decide to play with ASIO/set your CoreAudio below 1024, and ensure you have a secondary sound card Discord can use, so you aren't greeted with silence.

    WINDOWS: ASIO supports down to a blocksize of 32 in the internal driver, now while you can set this in the new preferences (see below) if you hear crackling or garbled audio, just raise this a bit. You can use anything from 32 to 4096 as your block size, higher values being higher latency.

    WASAPI supports from 64 to 4096, and replaces waveout as the default driver. It has the benefit of not being legacy or using an old back end to output, and can have it's buffer lowered to suit the system.

    Lastly we have DirectSound, mainly due to the fact it has been requested for older windows builds, but users should always try to see if WASAPI (which is Vista ->) is available. DirectSound is 512 ->

    The new driver has had to be sample rate locked and hardcoded to 44.1kHz right now due to limitations in the back end, but we will be removing all the old legacy code in the coming months, so you will be able to enjoy 48kHz clarity really soon.

    LINUX: ALSA now uses a new back end, as well as no longer using a 15 year out of date code pathway, we no longer have to patch it for OutFox. It fully supports shared mode, so no more silence on calls when you're using it, and it also behaves better on the Raspberry Pi/SoC board for arm, fixing the 10+ year old bugs. If your kernel is pre 4.12, you may get a crash on the first run due to the old kernel code, but the game should find your system devices properly on the second run. We're looking into this atm.

    PulseAudio now runs without the ALSA hook, and again isn't exclusive or forces weirdness. It can run with low latency as well, as well as sharing properly. At this release, it will likely use the ALSA device, but we will be adding the option to choose the device the specific APIs can use, so watch this space for that. There is also a quirk with Pulse where it reports the output and input devices back to front, so we have put in a workaround for this too.

    JACK - Jack now is built in without the need for extra hooks or compiler options, and simply just... works. If you do not use this driver, do not add it to your preferences, as this can cause a crash right now, it will be fixed in the final version of 041. JACK is also available on MacOS, a bonus feature there.

    BSD/CONSOLE: OSS 4+ is available for BSD builds

    MACOS: CoreAudio now runs newer code as well, which also fixes the odd quirk in Ventura with the audio thread sometimes dropping out. We will also add code for audio device handover, as this new driver supports it, so no more crashing when your bluetooth headphones die and disconnect. Be warned, however, Bluetooth audio can not take a too low block setting, so experiment.

    New Preferences in this build

    SextetStreamInputFilename= Used for the new Sextet input handler I forgot to code in >.>

    SoundrtAudioAPIName= This selects the audio back end for your system. It will be self populated on first run with a safe default, but you can override it with a comma'ed list of inputs.

    You have a choice of the following:

    MacOS core - Use for CoreAudio jack - Use for JACK

    Linux alsa - Use for ALSA jack - Use for Jack pulse - Use for PulseAudio oss - Use for the Linux OpenSoundSystem

    Windows asio - Use for ASIO wasapi - Use for WASAPI ds - Use for DirectSound

    They can be used as a list with commas, so "wasapi,ds,asio"

    SoundrtAudioLastUsedCard= This is a pref to highlight the last used card, it's purely for the internal driver, like 'lastseenvideocard'

    SoundrtAudioNumberofChannels= This pref is for number of output channels/speakers your system supports. It will be up to 8 when the code is written, but for now, leave it at 2, due to the legacy code. It will be ignored if you add anything else!

    SoundrtAudioPreferredSampleRate= This pref is for the samplerate of your device, and will be settable in time. It will return the preferred rate your card wants, but will sadly be set to 44.1 due to the restrictions of the legacy code. Will be unlocked when we remove the rest of RageSound

    SoundrtAudioSetBufferSize= This pref is where you set your latency block size. It supports 32 frame to 4096 frames as per the ASIO/latency standards. If your audio crackles or glitches, remember to adjust this, it is not a bug in the game! With lower latency comes a bit more instability, so bear this in mind when you adjust this value.

    Linux users will need a lowlatency compiled kernel and preferrably a kernel newer than 4.12 to take advantage of this. MacOS users need Big Sur to use < 256, and Windows 7+ for < 128

    This driver is not enabled on windows yet due to some quirks with windows 10/11 which we are looking into.

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 041 -a3 - March 19th 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with some windows versions crashing on boot with a weird waveout quirk
    • β•βœ… Fixed misaligned pomu noteskin layouts on bun/cat/retro skins
    • β•βœ… NEW! Be-mu/Po-mu backplate support - they run like gh/backplates
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with textbanner if steps are empty
    • β•βœ… NEW! Actor Screen Textures!! These work similar to nitg AFTs
    • β•βœ… Fixed transparency issues with opengl
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with AFTs not affecting FOV outside of itself
    • β•βœ… Fixed triple sort call on musicwheel
    • β•βœ… Fixed visible list on EffectModes
    • β•βœ… Fixed FOV for AST/AFT so they are the same
    • β•βœ… Fixed cache bugs with bannercache
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash when taking screenshot
    • β•βœ… Fixed hang when taking screenshot
    • β•βœ… Fixed odd setlocale bug
    • β•βœ… Fixed leegacy GL pipe for AFT/AST
    • β•βœ… Fixed re-sorting stutter on musicwheel
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added Din's DDRIO Driver adjusted for OF
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added Din's ITGIO lights fixes
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added Din's Lights Exports Fixes
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added Din's PIUIO/LEDs/stac drivers and fixes
    • β•βœ… Fixed sextetstream compiling
    • β•βœ… NEW!! Input SextetStream driver
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with missing lights on sextetstream
    • β•βœ… Fixed typo so pacdrive now works on 32 AND 64bit windows
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with density data so it's now done by engine
    • β•βœ… Fixed lag with datagen from decompress
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with filedriver if the type isn't in map

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 041 -a1+a2 - March 7th 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with legacy arm builds
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on miniholds
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with ubuntu <= 17.10 users
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with arm + legacy builds
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with soundcards on Windows 8+ (Thanks EvieUwO for report)
    • β•βœ… Fixed stuck buttons on rtMIDI input (Thanks LightHexagon for report)
    • β•βœ… Fixed e-drums MIDI velocity channel quirk (Thanks LightHexagon for report)
    • β•βœ… Fixed latency/lag in BMS/be-mu mode making it unplayable (Thanks Daniel Rotwind for report)
    • β•βœ… Fixed latency/lag in PMS/po-mu mode making it unplayable (Thanks goodsun for report)
    • β•βœ… Fixed latency/lag in DTX/gddm mode making it unplayable (Thanks goodsun for report)
    • β•βœ… Fixed AMod/CAMod/AVMod speed mod issues
    • β•βœ… NEW! FBO DoubleBuffer System for our render pipe
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with lack of stencil support on FBOs in MacOS
    • β•βœ… Fixed FBO Transparency with modfiles
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added new 'PowerOfTwo' variable for AFTs (Requested by our Modding community)
    • β•βœ… Fixed GLAD FBO system for ARM systems
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with draw update with receptors and note flashes

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 040 (Main + Steam Playtest Build) - March 7th 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed micro-stutter math overflow bugs in the approach code introduced in upstream in 2005
    • β•βœ… Fixed math code-paths that caused a lag stall on Pre-2017 architecture
    • β•βœ… Fixed order of draw for SimpleHolds BottomCap
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing items on NSIS installer for our non-steam Windows builds
    • β•βœ… Fixed winding order on our GL pipe - Raspberry Pi, and older systems should love us a bit more now
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with missing Fake notes writing to cache so they weren't miss on the first load
    • β•βœ… NEW!! - Built in favourites system to the default (soundwaves 0.4.x) theme!
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with SaveMachineProfile... not saving on some newer Linux Builds
    • β•βœ… NEW!! - Created a new ActorNoteFieldBoard metric to avoid legacy (StepMania 5.x) Noteskin problems/lua asserts
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug in .TJA parser missing credits for #NOTEDESIGNER
    • β•βœ… Fixed 21 year old bug in MenuTimer
    • β•βœ… Fixed Accuracy in Player Options on the snapping options
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash sometimes in profiles where the theme didn't support fitness/calories
    • β•βœ… Fixed banner cache system on both themes
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with Auto generated chart loading on LuaWheel
    • β•βœ… Fixed theme layout bugs

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 039 (NON Steam Playtest Build) - February 24th 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed Linux building platform
    • β•βœ… Updated Alpha V theme - should be less buggy now
    • β•βœ… NEW!! - Use SoundDevice=0 (device number) to pick a sound card the game uses to output on the wave out sound driver on windows. (Thanks SenPi/Teej from ITGM, though we had to rewrite it for OF)
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on .osu/.osz files that were broken
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with approach mods occasionally skewing with a new snap feature
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with SongGroup vector causing leaks on the wheel
    • β•βœ… Fixed edge crash on windows 7/10/11 with the logs folder when not using a portable.ini
    • β•βœ… Fixed hardcoded logpath crashing non-mac OSs
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with KBX mode crashing on jukebox
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with some tween ending times being skipped
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug in main loop with some 'modern' 2003 windows XP optimisations
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with 'framey' (slightly stuttery) files
    • β•βœ… Fixed frame jitter bug added in 2005, that was causing fDelta to reverse
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with ready bar not clearing at the beginning of a song
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with group folder banners not loading
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with low quality banners not loading/being used

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 038 (NON Steam Playtest Build) - February 21st 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with mac bundle modules
    • β•βœ… Add new PREIMAGE support for taiko tja file banners
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with windows compilation
    • β•βœ… Fixed bugs with imagecache crashing
    • β•βœ… Fixed some memory leaks in imagecache/musicwheel
    • β•βœ… Fixed loading call for NSkin boards
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with AU on mac when external output sources are disconnected
    • β•βœ… Fixed Def.Text not showing textures on macos
    • β•βœ… Added lane colours to pomu noteskins
    • β•βœ… Added new LyricLoader class which will support SRT/SSA/VTT files in time!
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with incorrect delete on music wheel
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with scrolling too quickly on music wheel
    • β•βœ… Fixed loading of banners on music wheel causing a crash
    • β•βœ… Fixed compiler being odd with zlib variables clashing
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with win32 locale
    • β•βœ… Fixed slowdown in lua parsing
    • β•βœ… Fixed glcontext creation
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with updateluaglobals not working on language change
    • β•βœ… Added new math functions to reduce stutter on the SBC/Pi builds
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing garbage collection on music wheel (reported by Dom)
    • β•βœ… Fixed around 150 rounding issues in our math compilation causing slowdowns
    • β•βœ… Added Editor support for TapNoteSource_Fake - to make the note a fake, use shift + n or shift + m, and remember if you use them! They will allow all things to be fakes. Requested by Mostly_Harmless
    • β•βœ… Raised Stats.xml max size to 144MB
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with late joining on some systems and themes
    • β•βœ… Fixed more bad math
    • β•βœ… Fixed edge case crashing with creeping NaNs
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on column mods that were requesting values out of range

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 037 (NON Steam Playtest Build) - January 24th 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed zlib compile that was blocking linux builds
    • β•βœ… Fixed merger with SDL breaking some controllers on mac/linux
    • β•βœ… Fixed duplicate definition in OF SDL patches breaking keypad enter
    • β•βœ… Rewrote PacDrive to not use broken libUSB deps
    • β•βœ… Fixed lua errors crashing the game on invalid enums, we can safely warn
    • β•βœ… Added new Actor Screen Texture Skeleton WIP
    • β•βœ… Fixed beginLine()/endLine() overflow on SSC/Pump parser/writer causing edited songs to sometimes be infinite
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added OG-Classic be-mu noteskin
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added TapNoteSource_Fake - now any note can be a fake; NO Editor Support yet, coming in later build!
    • β•βœ… Fixed percentage done from directory to total songlist in the loading window
    • β•βœ… Fixed some math overflows in RageDisplay
    • β•βœ… Fixed hold rendering and checking due to overflow
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash in RageFileManager locking up the cache
    • β•βœ… Reset fDeltaTime correctly in the actor stack
    • β•βœ… Fixed heap crash with discord...

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 036 (NON Steam Playtest Build) - January 1st 2023

    • β•βœ… Fixed bad call in linux build process
    • β•βœ… Fixed USBDriver remaining calls left in unix and mac now they are gone.
    • β•βœ… Fixed math overflow preventing the AxisFix working on windows 10 (win32 legacy input driver)
    • β•βœ… Fixed math overflow on win32 legacy preventing the AxisFix pref working on Windows 7 and 8, thanks Microsoft
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added Axis Fix support to Linux/Mac via SDL2 driver. If you have a pad and are on one of these operating systems, let me know so I can write up how to prepare and set up your fix.
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added Axis Fix XInput support to windows 10/11 on the SDL Driver.
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with Para Para controller not being detected when some pad configurations were set.
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with HIDRAW on Windows and MacOs crashing when a controller was plugged in.
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added new InputSet* Preferences to bring all the Input systems closer together than using odd settings. Do not use InputSetHIDAPI/InputSetRAWAPI at this time as it needs to be finished:

    The new preferences are as follows:

    Allows a player to specify if they are using arcade or custom controller hardware. m_bInputSetArcade

    Allows SDL to toggle the mapping method for joysticks via XInput. m_bInputSetXInput

    Allows SDL to toggle the mapping method for joysticks via DInput. (Windows Only) m_bInputSetDInput

    Allows SDL to toggle the mapping method for joysticks via HIDAPI. m_bInputSetHIDAPI

    Allows SDL to toggle the mapping method for joysticks via RAWINPUT. m_bInputSetRAWAPI

    Allows the user to set a DeadZone value. Useful for Axis Fixing and Configuring m_iInputSetJSDeadzoneValue

    Allows the user to set the desired input system on Linux, either /jsX or /eventX. m_bInputSetLinuxJSEndpoint

    • β•βœ… Removed m_bXInputUseOldJoyStickMapping, m_iJoystickDeadZone, m_bUsingArcadePads, m_bUseLinuxJS
    • β•βœ… Added new CRC support to SDL driver for future use

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 035 (NON Steam Playtest Build) - December 30th 2022

    • β•βœ… Updated Taiko noteskins with the new features
    • β•βœ… Began pipewire/wayland support on drivers
    • β•βœ… Added missing climits header where required
    • β•βœ… Add GameState:GetGoalPercentComplete functions
    • β•βœ… Sync up changes in the alphav-dance theme
    • β•βœ… Remove bad C code in RageUtil
    • β•βœ… Update upstream SDL2 to 2.26.1
    • β•βœ… Added SDL OutFox patches
    • β•βœ… Fixed FreeType building
    • β•βœ… Tried to fix corrupted iTrack which causes a crash on MacOSX
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on shitpost osu charts
    • β•βœ… Fixed OTO scientific notation crashes
    • β•βœ… Remove LibUSB - PLEASE TEST ON WINDOWS 7!!!!
    • β•βœ… Added new VTT/SRT/SSA/LRC parser skeleton in prep for new lyric filetype support
    • β•βœ… Added new .obj file loader - Thanks to Jewel from UKSRT for the help!

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 034 (NON Steam Playtest Build) - December 28th 2022 (MACOS SPECIFIC UPDATES)

    This build addresses issues related with the parser modules not loading on other Macs due to the linker process.

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 033 (NON Steam Playtest Build) - December 27th 2022 (MACOS SPECIFIC UPDATES)

    This addresses bugs related with crashes on macOS introduced on Ventura.

    • β•βœ… Updated SDL to 2.26.1
    • β•βœ… Remove bad C code from RageUtil
    • β•βœ… Removed libUSB dependency causing crashes on macOS.

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 032 (NON Steam Playtest Build) - December 22nd 2022 (LINUX SPECIFIC UPDATES)

    • β•βœ… Fixed xrandr version mismatch preventing the game seeing it installed
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing wayland compatibility (test if you like, probably still needs work)
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing pulseaudio hooks on newer ubuntu 20->
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing pipewire hooks on newer ubuntu 20->
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with XCB not initialising correctly
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing XTST lib not being used causing a crash on newer ubuntu (21->)
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing DRM support
    • β•βœ… Fixed version mismatch on VA and X11 on newer ubuntu
    • β•βœ… Fixed mismatch with sndio on newer ubuntu
    • β•βœ… Added new build environment for Modern Ubuntu (20->)

    if you use this on 18.04, you WILL need to ensure you have updated your system and have the -backports repositories for some of the newer libraries.

    This is purely testing at the moment for linux users, but please let me know if there are any issues - Squirrel

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 032 (NON Steam Playtest Build) - December 22nd 2022

    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with empty string on TJA parsing
    • β•βœ… Fix crash with Count Holds on TJA parsing
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing BALLOON support on TJA parsing
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing Counted Hit support on TJA parsing
    • β•βœ… Added Taitai count hold support
    • β•βœ… Fixed Audio Unit panics on macos 13+
    • β•βœ… Fixed Audio Unit buffer allocation on macos 13+
    • β•βœ… Fixed Audio Unit device selection on macos 13+
    • β•βœ… Fixed Audio Unit log spam on macos 13+
    • β•βœ… Fixed issue with no normals being sent on CompiledGeometry
    • β•βœ… Added setting the rate of the animation of the material on a model
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with empty string on TJA parsing
    • β•βœ… Fixed issue with double press on taiko drum inputs
    • β•βœ… NEW! Changed options for Audio Volume in the debug menu.

    Sounds can be assigned to either Attract/Effect/Sound, and can be controlled in the menu. The old 'Effect Menu' is gone, and allows you to set the type of audio you wish to edit. Attract volume works on the Jukebox/Attract screen, and can now also be set ABOVE 100%, to a maxium of 200%, for situations where audio lines are quiet and you need a boost for a cabinet.

    PLEASE NOTE: This can cause the audio to clip/distort at high volumes, and we are not responsible for your use of this. It has been a very highly requested community feature and we are happy to be able to bring it to you in this build.

    Use R to change the Sound Type, and T and Y to set the volume Down and Up respectively.

    • β•βœ… Added matrix splitting options for CompiledGeometry
    • β•βœ… Fixed oversight on SetSecondsIntoAnimation
    • β•βœ… Fixed font reloading on resolution change
    • β•βœ… Fixed font corruption on resolution change
    • β•βœ… Added new sound types to be supported and run within the themes
    • β•βœ… Fixed issue with missing hiddenregions and hold noteflashes
    • β•βœ… Fixed issue with pump holds missing and not being able to be reclaimed
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with notepath vertex data
    • β•βœ… Fixed offset on TJA files, causing skew on playback, thank you to tana. in the TJADB server for the assistance!
    • β•βœ… Removed ancient HighScoreList::RemoveAllButOneOfEachName() for a newer function - Needs testing
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with 'phantom' BALLOONs in TJA files - Charts that do not specify a value for each BALLOON
    • β•βœ… Added BALLOON default hit value of 5 to align with the expectations of the taiko community.
    • β•βœ… Added SMA support back from LTS4 due to the number of community requests - please check them if you use this format
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with Windows XP era macros confusing the compiler on 32bit windows
    • β•βœ… Fixed errors with SMA files being offset due to a math overflow
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with all parsers due to a legacy 2004 bug
    • β•βœ… Fixed timeout bug with MEMCARDMAN preventing memory cards working in the game
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing memory card support for cabinets - please test and let us know!

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 031 (Steam Playtest Master) - November 26th 2022

    • β•βœ… Fix crash with lxio on win32/linux 32bit operating systems
    • β•βœ… Change behaviour of assist clap and metronome to continue even if player is dead at community request
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added ImageCache 2022, with an improved system for GPU ready textures etc
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with notedata
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on first note press on some modes
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with music wheel freeze on para mode
    • β•βœ… Fixed forever loop in legacy stepmaniaonline code
    • β•βœ… Fixed system capabilities issue for windows 7
    • β•βœ… Fixed issue with needless image preload system
    • β•βœ… Fixed offsets for column renderer
    • β•βœ… Fixed digitaloffset math
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing techno graphics
    • β•βœ… Fixed legacy FFMPEG code path breaking on slow loading systems - Themers need to be aware of tween times on loading charts on music wheels, these can still cause a crash if not set right due to a race condition. Tween waiting times should be around 0.4 to 0.8 if a user is scrolling so the wheel doesn't load resources the game doesn't need.
    • β•βœ… Fixed compatibility issue with formatting pixel data
    • β•βœ… Fixed TJA Measure commands
    • β•βœ… Fixed TJA BPM changes from making charts out of sync
    • β•βœ… Fixed TJA Scroll commands making charts out of sync
    • β•βœ… Fixed TJA fast scrolling - SET YOUR GAME TO CAMOD IN SONG OPTIONS
    • β•βœ… Fixed TJA timing entries

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 029 & 030 (Steam Playtest Master) - November 11th 2022

    • β•βœ… Fix crash with Matrix generation on some older modfiles
    • β•βœ… Added new game generation to cmake for windows api
    • β•βœ… Fix crash with object deletion in draw pipe
    • β•βœ… Add new boxing mode
    • β•βœ… Fixed dynamic library loading for steam
    • β•βœ… Fix missing failimmediate option being saved on KBX mode
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with missing thread mutex on song loading
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with missing stagemodel init
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with steam builds on linux
    • β•βœ… NEW! Fixed legacy arm builds for embedded armv7 boards
    • β•βœ… Fixed Opengl selection for linux builds should fix resolution issue
    • β•βœ… Modernised build environment for new outfox specific options
    • β•βœ… Fix mines on pump and dance
    • β•βœ… Fixed type boolean
    • β•βœ… Fixed be-mu/po-mu/gddm/gdgf preview sounds
    • β•βœ… Fixed crashes with minimaid on linux, needs to be rebuilt
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added new 80% pass failtype for be-mu/po-mu
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with DTX loadheader
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with hiddendata calls on editor
    • β•βœ… Fixed offset support on Autokeysounds
    • β•βœ… Added language functions for thememanager
    • β•βœ… Fixed mac build chain and command scripts for XCode
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with legacy opengl on legacy linux distros (pre 2010)

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 028 - November 8th 2022

    • β•βœ… Fix crash with GLAD on ATI era cards
    • β•βœ… Fix GameSelect
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added new "Ex" versions of Back and Elastic tween eases for Actors
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with texture resolutions rounding incorrectly on some functions
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added new SetUpdateFPS() function to set the desired FPS of the update loop for Actors
    • β•βœ… Fixed ez2 real from crashing on Versus
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on deltatime on Actors
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with Def.Notefield() not getting a defined playernumber
    • β•βœ… Widened autokeysound track allowance to 32
    • β•βœ… Added Beatin po-mu Judgement
    • β•βœ… NEW! BMS-like parser override functions to bind and prevent duplication and bad code use
    • β•βœ… Fixed upstream bug with keysounds ending early on BMS-like songs
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with sounds unloading not at EOF
    • β•βœ… Fixed vorbis flags
    • β•βœ… Restored PMS/BME extended hidden keysound channels
    • β•βœ… Fixed hold keysound spam
    • β•βœ… Fixed texture handle get functions
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added Experimental Option & Pref: AutoKeySoundBMS. This preference changes how the keysounds play in be-mu/po-mu/gddm/gdgf, with the option of OutFox being usual behaviour, setting BMS plays the keysound when you hit the button, and FULL all the keysounds are set to BGM layer so you can miss without it affecting the melody of the song
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash with bad GL detection, if you crash try re-running the game to set the pref correctly
    • β•βœ… Cleaned up code in LLW
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug where game would hang on musicwheel with high note/mine/etc counts over 9000 on NPS chart
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added new BMSHeaderLoad pref to disable loading header files on older HDDs/Rpi/SteamDeck
    • β•βœ… NEW! Added threaded songloader, with a preference m_NumSongLoadThreads to select the number of threads. Default is 2, but you can up this to a maximum of 8 on NVME/SSD drives
    • β•βœ… NEW! Fixed MineFix from affecting other Modes
    • β•βœ… NEW! NSIS installer
    • β•βœ… Fixed DTX parsing difficulties

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 027 - October 31st 2022

    • β•βœ… Fix bongo notes sometimes clashing with taiko ones in the parser
    • β•βœ… Fix mode graphics to allow players to use bongo
    • β•βœ… Fix GameSelect.lua
    • β•βœ… NEW! Initial ShaderManager skeleton
    • β•βœ… Fix crash with needless commands in GLAD renderer
    • β•βœ… Fix ShaderManager scope in the renderers
    • β•βœ… Fix Branding for future builds
    • β•βœ… Add Steam Playtest Code and API ready for approval from Valve
    • β•βœ… Fix Steam build compilation for MacOS

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 026 - October 25th 2022

    • β•βœ… Fix Krazy noteskin crashing
    • β•βœ… Fix NSIS code

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 025 - October 25th 2022

    • β•βœ… NEW! Bongo Mode!
    • β•βœ… NEW! Bongo Autogen from TJA & Osu (though due to chart quality, osu can be sketchy)
    • β•βœ… NEW! Krazy noteskin for bemu/kbx/pomu
    • β•βœ… Fixed dynamic libs for ffmpeg base
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug with non-shader ffmpeg not being used in some cases
    • β•βœ… Fixed flags in ffmpeg causing slow decoding
    • β•βœ… Fixed shader ffmpeg passing diffuse instead of alpha
    • β•βœ… Fixed some floats
    • β•βœ… Added new TextureModes: Decal, Replace, Blend, Invisible
    • β•βœ… Removed old mipmap code that didn't do anything, to restore in later driver
    • β•βœ… Fixed lirocode crash on bms
    • β•βœ… Fixed mine check in bms parser so mine gimmick charts are parsed correctly
    • β•βœ… Add 'DanceLegacyMode' to ensure disconnection from SM 'Everything is DDR' pathing
    • β•βœ… Fixed BMS parser substrings, so difficulty and subtitles now show as they should
    • β•βœ… Fixed BMS difficulty selection and titles, and add the proper number of difficulties
    • β•βœ… Fixed BMS not having D6 and D7 for Hyper/Insane difficulty support
    • β•βœ… Fixed BMS header data loading to speed up the game in general

    OutFox 0.5.0 Pre-Release Candidate 024 - October 17th 2022

    THEME: (From Jose)

    • β•βœ… Rewritten Judgement loading procedure. This basically now lets the game record each judgment graphic per timing window instead of a singular option to rule them all. This would've become messy if we've kept it like that. NOTE: This will run locally on the theme for now, to test if the new functionality is stable to transfer to fallback.

    • β•βœ… Music wheel is now dimmable when entering options

    • β•βœ… Touch controls are now a toggle Now looking back, I can see that this whole thing can become a mess if we let everything be shown at once, so now the Touch controls are part of a toggle located on the Options menu, which is off by default.

    • β•βœ… Speed is now the main option on Player Options

    • β•βœ… Fixed PrevScreen on KnownBugs (Reported by Moneko)

    • β•βœ… Apply PlayMode upon entering the music wheel

    • β•βœ… Hide menu timer from ScreenEvaluation for now.

    • β•βœ… Fix last difficulty selection when returning the wheel

    • β•βœ… Tweaked Song Info box to include a banner.

    • β•βœ… Fixed video banners not respecting fading.

    • β•βœ… Tweaked player information pane on select music

    • β•βœ… Noteskin now applies when changing noteskins.

    • β•βœ… Fix update for Measure Count display

    • β•βœ… Cleanup debug messages


    • β•βœ… Auto switch to HQ mp4 movie BGA if available
    • β•βœ… Fixed title being overwritten resulting in the directory name being used
    • β•βœ… Fixed regex causing title to be empty
    • β•βœ… Removed SM3.9 era cruft from the parsers
    • β•βœ… Removed defunct Unicode conversion as we do it properly now
    • β•βœ… Fixed commonsubstring overflows resulting in bad title/translit title
    • β•βœ… Fixed bad SM4 code breaking some #subtitle entries
    • β•βœ… Fixed multi-layer backgrounds not being initialised correctly
    • β•βœ… Removed bad converting code for artist and genre
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug causing cache generation lagging on initial parsing on first boot
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing #subtitle support on BMS files
    • β•βœ… Added subtitle options for BMS files
    • β•βœ… Added new Chartsubtitle option for lua SSM
    • β•βœ… Added new ChartTitle options for lua SSM
    • β•βœ… Added new ScreenGameplay GetSound()
    • β•βœ… Fixed sounds not ending
    • β•βœ… Fixed Background Crash that was reported
    • β•βœ… Fixed lag on loading window
    • β•βœ… Added new Peaks for audio visualiser
    • β•βœ… Added new def.AudioVisualiser

    Def.AudioVisualizer Info:

    It can be added to any existing actorframe, in themes, modfiles and noteskins!

    To use it just use the following commands

    return Def.ActorFrame{
        Amount=128, -- The amount of colums, its from min of 16 to a max of 128.
        LinearPeaks=true, -- define if we want lenear peaks, as in a slow animation when it goes back to 0.
        PeakHeight=40, -- the hight of the columns,
        UpdateRate=0.01, -- the update rate of the columns, the lower the faster, between 10 and 0.01.
          self:SetSound(--[[ A RageSound to set--]])
         -- if SetSound is not set, it will fallback to the cur playing music, this does not work for screen gameplay, in screengameplay do

    The rest of the history will be posted on our wiki at as it's too long for GitHub

  • Known issues

    • This build may break input using Python 2 and 3 IO. We are looking for folks with the hardware to help us test and fix the drivers. We have had to remove the vulnerable libusb libs/DLLs for Windows as they were flagging up.

    Bug fixes

    • β•βœ… Update NSIS system
    • β•βœ… Fix missing CPU players in Rave
    • β•βœ… Revert Broken SMO calls which now allows SMO to work on OutFox
    • β•βœ… Fix digitaloffset being out by 100
    • β•βœ… Fix missing techno icons
    • β•βœ… Fixed TJA measure adjustments
    • β•βœ… NEW! TJA scroll implementation
    • β•βœ… NEW! TJA holdcount support for #BALLOON
    • β•βœ… Replaced hardcoded tickholds with notetype defined tickholds
    • β•βœ… Fixed occasional deadlock on Windows < 10
    • β•βœ… Fixed hiddenregions not working correctly
    • β•βœ… Added new noteskin taiko features, still in work
    • β•βœ… Fixed USB memory profile thread timeout
    • β•βœ… Fixed USB device read thread timeout
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on TJA empty string
    • β•βœ… Fixed double press bug on taiko mode
    • β•βœ… Fixed Volume control being unable to not go to 200%, just remember hearing/cab equipment!
    • β•βœ… Readded fake segments to cache
    • β•βœ… Fixed missing keysound tracks due to SM hardcoded limit
    • β•βœ… Fixed upstream bug in SM ending sounds incorrectly in BMS/PMS/DTX songs
    • β•βœ… Fixed sound buffer overflow
    • β•βœ… Fixed eof bug in vorbis
    • β•βœ… Fixed buffer underrun in resampler
    • β•βœ… Fixed hold keysound spam
    • β•βœ… NEW! Moved the mine fix to its own function to prevent pump bugs
    • β•βœ… Fixed FailImmediate in kbx mode and profile
    • β•βœ… Fixed mix row check
    • β•βœ… Fixed bug that prevented metronome/clap continuing if player dies
    • β•βœ… Fixed font reloading causing massive glitches on Infinitessimal and SuperUser
    • β•βœ… Fixed pump holds (holding head option)
    • β•βœ… Ensure notepath has at least 2 verts
    • β•βœ… Fixed TJA file offset - TJA files are now playable without skew
    • β•βœ… Fixed TJA file crash on "phantom" balloon entries
    • β•βœ… Fixed file crashes on all note parsers
    • β•βœ… Fixed corrupted itrack, should fix a crash on Macos
    • β•βœ… Fixed crash on OSU files with scientific notation/dump charts
    • β•βœ… Removed legacy libUSB from the game
    • β•βœ… Fixed axisfix for ps2 adapters/pads that used it (on win32 driver)
    • β•βœ… Fixed NPS chart freezing the game by setting a limit
    • β•βœ… Fix crash on some lua errors
    • β•βœ… Fixed hold ends sometimes moving past the receptors on pump charts
    • β•βœ… Fix ubuntu changes so the builds work
    • β•βœ… Fix favourite folder not working
    • β•βœ… Fix mesa libs for users that have updated to 22+
    • β•βœ… Fix winding order for MESA/opengl
    • β•βœ… Add second button option for 'prevoptions' for pump (UL/UR)
    • β•βœ… Fix hold issues I broke in pump due to a merge
    • β•βœ… Fix log headers
    • β•βœ… Fix OTO parser difficulty get crashing kbx
    • β•βœ… Fix logpath sometimes failing on RPi/Windows
    • β•βœ… Fix GetLogsPath on windows
    • β•βœ… Fix crash in OTO files that are broken
    • β•βœ… Add waveout device option choice pref
    • β•βœ… Fix latejoin crash
    • β•βœ… Raise stats.xml max size to 144MB
    • β•βœ… Fix leak in wheel
    • β•βœ… Fix stall in lua parsing
    • β•βœ… Fix win32 locale bug
    • β•βœ… Fix zlib variables
    • β•βœ… Fix luaglobals not being reloaded on language change
    • β•βœ… Fix AU isses for mac
    • β•βœ… Fix hold end missing
    • β•βœ… Fix Pacdrive for 32/64 bit support
    • β•βœ… Fix bad rendering on some itg3 themes due to bad sm3.x code
    • β•βœ… Fix bga bugs
    • β•βœ… Fix Python23IO deadlocking on usbdriver - this needs to be tested on win32

    Additional Linux download:

Changelogs for pre-public releases

Project OutFox is an extensible rhythm game engine based on StepMania, featuring 18 different modes simulating different dance, instrument, and key-based rhythm games.

Its goal is to create a cross-platform β€œsandbox” and β€œmuseum” for the genre, supporting over 20 years worth of content across a variety of formats.

Latest stable version (2023-04-15):

Project OutFox 0.4.19 LTS