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This is a hotfix version of 4.9.9; all changes from it and HF1 also apply.

  • ❕✅ Fixed SM hash corruption
  • ❕✅ Fixed DWI being loaded due to lazy people not cleaning their simfile folders
  • ❕✅ The system will not load DWI if an ssc or sm is found
  • ❕✅ Fixed odd SM title bug
  • ❕✅ Fixed Crash with older hardware not supporting what it advertises
  • ❕✅ Fixed Crash with course loading that affected some folks with >640 songs
  • ❕✅ Fixed Notesloader issues with Mac and Linux
  • ❕✅ Fixed GCC / Mac compile
  • ❕✅ Fixed Windows 10/11 affinity issues
  • ❕✅ Fixed Occasional spike on Windows 10/11 when using an XInput controller
  • ❕✅ Taiko adjustments for notefield
  • ❕✅ Fixed SM/SSC loading to be more cabinet friendly.