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This is a QoL update.

All platforms

  • Fix PitchRate/DownRate crash (Thanks to Nhan and indigo for reporting!)
  • Fix Pump status entries
  • Added Missing reset functions in PlayerOptions for column specific noteskews
  • Fix discord game_SDK core dump if user goes offline/discord has problems
  • Added ParaParaParadise controller support (Thanks Taikora for the support!)
  • Fix a plethora of coverage recommendations
  • Remove a few ‘virtual’ functions which were not in fact virtual
  • Added avatar examples to the installer
  • Added multi-option option rows.
  • Fixed out of bounds check which always defaulted to true
  • Fixed bad rounding on banner scrolling
  • 🐲 Fixed a few missing performance opportunities in the sprite handler
  • Fixed new GL Asserts not being defined
  • Fixed “Disable Way Off” disabling “Decent”
  • AutoPlayCPU is now disqualified and no longer saves scores.
  • Fixed saved controller mapping saving ‘Joy1-Unknown’ (Thanks Moneko, Take Walker)


  • Changed versioning system to say 5.3 finally


  • Fixed memory reporting on newer Linux builds
  • Adjust ALSA driver hooks


  • Input tweaks, should be less crazy on really sensitive pads


  • Optimizations and visual streamlining for the Soundwaves theme.
  • New ColorTable variables for ScreenSelectMusic and gameplay.
  • Enable timing bar and milliseconds display independently.

Community content:

  • Dancing Style Judgements By MattMayuga
  • Mikado and Jewelry Judgements by Haley Halcyon
  • Translations updated from Moru, SHRIMP0 and SheepyChris (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Translations updated from MoNeko (Polish)
  • Translations updated from Hanubeki (Japanese)
  • Translations updated from Jose_Varela (Spanish)