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All platforms

  • Fix no input for axis U/D and L/R (reported by Julius)
  • 🐲 Fix Obscure Pad Buttons
  • 🐲 Add Multi-point Analog Support
  • 🐲 Fix analogue AXIS being mapped incorrectly
  • 🐲 Fix PS2/PS1/GC pad converter adapters
  • 🐲 Add Nintendo Joy-Con/Pro/SNES/NES/8Bit DO Pad support
  • 🐲 Add PS1/PS2/PS3/PS4 pad Support
  • 🐲 Add Xbox/Xbox 360 pad Support
  • 🐲 Add HORI Arcade pad support (PS4/Switch)
  • 🐲 Add Project Diva pad support (PS3/PS4)
  • 🐲 Add Stadia/Steam pad support
  • 🐲 Add custom game pad/dance pad mapping support and associated user interface.
  • 🐲 Added gamepad database support we can add to!
  • Fix crash on joystick index
  • Add and modify Actor functions to allow getting mid-tween values and skew values
  • Add extra modifiers, such as "Orient"
  • Add mid-gameplay combo manipulation to Players
  • Re-add old SM-SSC lighting
  • Fix 1-pixel overlap and gap on holds (Thanks waiei!)
  • Fix arrow hold drawing order


  • Add sub-themes to Soundwaves.
  • Add CDtitles.
  • Option to disable W4 and/or W5 timing windows (ITG Decent and Way Off)
  • More detailed stats display
  • Scatter MS judgment bar.
  • Players can select their own life type individually.
  • Measure counter for streams and breaks (Thanks rin!)
  • Display summary of last-played songs on evaluation in 1-player mode.


  • Fix 5.1 Folders being overwritten with 5.3 data due to hardcoded paths
  • New 5.3 Folder Location beginning this Alpha

Alternate binary compiled on Arch Linux for amd64 (replace existing version in amd64 tarball)


  • No longer causes program softlocks
  • Support new input methods removing lag.


  • Fix bad renderer selection on pre-2011 graphics cards
  • Fix rare crash on axis overflow.