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These bugs were fixed about 3 weeks ago. However, due to a bad branch merge, GitKraken did not recognise the commits were actually missing, and they were added into the main code branch which got to release. The only way to even recognise this bug is if you had >100,000 songs and over 18,000 MP3 files.

Bug fixes

  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed bug with locking up on loading songs (Thanks Kaede!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed crash with too many handles hitting ulimits on linux (Thanks Kaede!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed bug with MP3 driver creating two handles per file (Thanks Kaede!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed crash on Windows due to I/O error (Thanks Kaede!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed crash with MP3 driver not seeking or reporting position (Thanks Keade!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed bug with missing error checking on MP3 driver (Thanks Jose_Varela and Kaede!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed crash with NTFS journal errors on NTFS-3G driver hitting ulimits on Linux (Thanks Kaede!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed edge crash with invalid characters in RageUtil (Thanks Jubo!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed overflow in log buffer due to missing Unicode references
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed odd behaviour with sound layering.(Thanks Mr.ThatKid)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed missing/corrupted fonts on loading window (Thanks Moneko, Hanubeki)
  • ❕✅🐲📝 Fixed bug with missing dylib on macOS 10.16.5 (Thanks PianoGal/Sebychu/garfieldnate)
  • ❕✅🐲📝 Fixed crash with loading window on macOS 10.16.5 (Thanks PianoGal/Sebychu/garfieldnate)
  • ❕✅🐲 Removed unused libraries due to new macOS 10.16.5 update
  • ❕✅🐲📝 Fixed missing glyphs on some simfiles being displayed (Thanks PCBoyGames/Jubo)
  • ❕✅🐲📝 Fixed missing controller mapping (Thanks Kaede!)
  • ❕✅🐲📝 Fixed crash in the custom controller screen (Thanks ScottBrenner/Kaede)
  • ❕✅🐲📝 Fixed L-Tek ("Polish") pads not presenting their start and select buttons
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed issue in input failing on XInput mode in macOS (Thanks cmhoneycutt343!)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed bug with old Xbox 360 guitar controllers being unable to be mapped in HIDAPI mode (Thanks Confuzled)
  • ❕✅🐲 Fixed deprecated Win32 macro preventing Linux/macOS compiling

Community content

  • Update loading window splash in default theme