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Windows hotfix release (2020-12-18)

  • ❕✅ Fixed crash when generating profiles due to weird Windows error (thanks Ultra for reporting!)
  • ❕✅ Fixed crash due to Intel driver
  • ❕✅ Removed OpenGL 4.3 availability on Windows 8/10 due to update breaking Intel drivers on pre-8th generation chips.

All platforms

  • ❕✅ Fix adjusted FFMPEG libraries to allow for more supported formats
  • ❕✅ New Lua game selector and accompanying screen in Soundwaves.
  • ❕✅ Allow user to select game on first run
  • ❕✅ Fix Pump fakes not being referenced
  • ❕✅ Fix theme changing method now Lua is an option
  • ❕✅ Update Lua to 5.3.6
  • ❕✅ Restore SM OutFox lexicon for backwards compatibility with cmd() based content
  • ❕✅ Restore SM OutFox %d patch for backwards compatibility (Thanks ArcticFqx!)
  • ❕✅ Fix Lua intregral floats to match current behaviour (Thanks Mr.ThatKid!)
  • ❕✅ Fix noteskin switching after first play
  • ❕✅ Update SDL2
  • ❕✅ Restore OutFox patches to SDL2 for International and Language support
  • ❕✅ Tighten up animation/screen change timings to be quicker
  • ❕✅ Fix drawing of characters with masking backgrounds
  • ❕✅ Added 'legacy' draw mode to match 5.1/5.0 themer expectation (Slower, but use sparingly!)
  • ❕✅ Added Smoothlines Matrix Options for Backwards Compatibility
  • ❕✅ Added new LineStripM to allow for newer options moving forward, so older content is not broken accidentally
  • ❕✅ Added Allow Player to have controllable vanish point & FOV
  • ❕✅ Added function for controlling the vanish point's X & Y separately
  • ❕✅ Added Allow NotePath to use the secondary DrawMode
  • ❕✅ Fixed Array overflow on P3IO, marquee lights should work as designed now
  • ❕✅ Created a separate FOV+VanishPoint for Player
  • ❕✅ Fixed potential crash in FOV in DrawFunctions
  • ❕✅ Changed 'cement mixer' to 'super shuffle' in mods (blender in SL)
  • ❕✅ Add new Lua patch for random to work as before in older themes/content
  • ❕✅ Fix errant reference and allow math.random(seed) to operate as designed
  • ❕✅ New Feature: New NoteDataUtil random generator to fix shuffle mods
  • ❕✅ Patch other "Random" generation to work for now - more work is required
  • ❕✅ Reimplement color variable for noteskins
  • ❕✅ Allow LoadActorForNoteSkin to properly use the new color variable
  • ❕✅ Implement NoteSkin draw order metric
  • ❕✅ Make PeakNPS a 2 decimal value
  • ❕✅ Stop Smoothlines option setting selection restarting the game
  • ❕✅ Change option text for input method in the Experimental Menu to HIDAPI/XInput
  • ❕✅ Added missing font fallbacks

Windows 7+

  • ❕✅ Fixed LibUSB libraries causing game crash
  • ❕✅ Built new LibUSB dlls to ensure compatibility

Windows XP

  • ❕✅ Fixed LibUSB libraries causing game crash


  • ❕✅ Fixed lib linking with new FFMPEG version

macOS (Intel)

  • ❕✅ Fixed compilation with new SDL version
  • ❕✅ Fixed LibUSB not picking up plugged in xbox controllers

macOS (ARM)

  • ❕✅ Remove Redundant Darwin (<10.9) calls preventing compile on M1
  • ❕✅ Allow the arm64 arch to be exposed so XCode can actually see our M1 even in Rosetta Brew mode
  • ❕✅ Allow the OS Functions to be taken into consideration on the compile so we can see USB
  • ❕✅ Fix warnings with XCode in the input handler, and updated the plist to ensure we are current
  • ❕✅ Added new libs for LibUSB
  • ❕✅ Added new libs for FFMPEG
  • ❕✅ Fixed SDL2 compile options so dynamic input works!
  • ❕✅ Fixed PlayStation 1/2/3/4/5 controllers not detecting their buttons on HIDAPI mode
  • ❕✅ Fixed Controllers from Pre-2005 not being detected in HIDAPI mode
  • ❕✅ New Database will need to be added to in the future when SDL is updated for mac.

Linux ARM

  • ❕✅ Added new libs for LibUSB

New community content:


  • ❕✅ Added new popn noteskin
  • ❕✅ Added outfox-note based noteskin with 192nd support and coloured holds


  • ✅ Translations updated from Moru, SHRMP0 and SheepyChris (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Moneko (Polish)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Hanubeki (Japanese)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Jose_Varela (Spanish)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Daniel Rotwind (German)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Ksempac (French)
  • ✅ Translations updated from Snil4 (Hebrew)