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All platforms

  • Fixed various missing keyboard inputs, including symbol keys (;:'@#,<>./?|`{}[])(&^%$"), the ~ key for localised keyboards, and the number pad.
  • Fixed missing options for no mapping on localised keyboards.
  • 🐲 Add touchscreen and mouse input hooks
  • 🐲 Added hooks for haptic/rumble support on controllers. Why? Why not?
  • 🐲 Fixed odd skipping on inputfilters.
  • Removed average FPS gauge from debug overlay; caused skew on mod files.
  • 🐲 Fixed a few bugs in the render pipeline... added in 2004.
  • 🐲 Properly integrated buffering.
  • Rewritten triangle logic to prevent errors in ActorMultiVertex.
  • Fixed a small lights bug.
  • Added a cleaner way to shut the game down.
  • Added new window states in preparation for the removal of RageDisplay (check the logs for events!)
  • Fixed draw issue reported by some users.


  • Removed obsolete X11 input hook code.


  • This build will only run on 10.14/10.15 due to work in progress code.
  • Fixed an integer overflow that messed with Catalina's guiding of our output windows.
  • Fixed a vertex overflow causing a very rare crash
  • 🐲 Fixed polling error.


  • Removed obsolete win32 input hook code.