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All platforms

  • Fix OpenGL context math overflow edge crash
  • Fix math overflow in arroweffects
  • Added math speedups in notedisplay
  • Fix wayward frame counting on pump and para
  • Added new math functions for 2 dimensional actors
  • 🐲 Removed RageVector2 from the game
  • 🐲 Added new catch all to move users on <= GL 2.0 to the OpenGL Renderer
  • 🐲 Fixed Texture Size overflow
  • Fixed Sprite Overflow causing edge crash (Thanks HeySora!)
  • Fixed Texture Refcount underflow causing a crash on modfiles (Thanks HeySora!)
  • Added new Resolution/Aspect Ratio support
  • 🐲 Fix Tan types in the Math
  • 🐲 Fixed Memory leaks in RageMath
  • 🐲 Fixed Memory leaks in RageTextureManager
  • 🐲 Fixed Errors in some of the new ‘fast’ options
  • Fixed mismatch causing keysounds to stutter
  • Removed an edge case causing songs encoded in mp3/wave prior to 2008 to play at doublespeed
  • Fixed resampling to prevent overflow
  • Math speedups
  • Fixed a few missing performance opportunities in the note system
  • Fixed Texture diagnostics


  • Fixed Intel DLL “unhandled c++” error on newer windows 10 builds (newer than fall 2019)
  • Fixed Intel entrypoint errors when windows 8+ forgets that it does actually support GL 3 onwards…
  • Fixed Intel force crashing the game with an invalid context due to a bad call in the driver
  • Fixed the issue when people using GL 1.1 would get a crash
  • Fixed an issue with ATI cards reporting bad GL contexts when falling back to GDI OpenGL 1.1
  • Added back support for 1.1. The game will warn you that playing with this version is not recommended, but it wont crash on the opengl renderer driver
  • Added GL 2.1 entrypoints to GLAD so those on it can cheekily use the modern pipe


  • Fixed GL Mesa Endpoints


  • Fixed GL Call Endpoints for new detections. Crashes should be gone

Community content:

  • Added New Crystal noteskins from Lirodon (normal and 4K for high-resolution displays)
  • Translations updated from Moru, SHRIMP0 and SheepyChris (Brazilian Portuguese)
  • Translations updated from MoNeko (Polish)
  • Translations updated from Hanubeki (Japanese)
  • Translations updated from Jose_Varela (Spanish)