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Alpha 4.4.1 changes

  • Properly removed the obsolete input handlers - seems there was a separate one added to a lone screen. Cheers, Glenn.
  • Fixed missing keystrokes on profile creation and high score name entry.

All platforms

  • Removed extra input debug output from Alpha 4.3; thank you for your reports and updates.
  • 🐲 Fixed missing scancodes on keyboard input.
  • Fixed old %d number behaviour in Lua. Returns to 5.0/5/1 behaviour. Thanks Tatsh for reporting.
  • Removed 'Frameskipcode' - It will be readded in a later build.
  • Fixed a few more bugs in the render pipeline... added in 2004.
  • 🐲 Properly removed the obsolete input handlers.
  • Fixed some old cmake typos and cleaned up code for linux.
  • Fixed regression in not supporting smzip/zip archives. Thanks to Jubo for the report.
  • Add new keyboard input system.
  • Fixed InputHandler issues, no more skipping on pads.
  • Fixed missing SDL options in input causing a break error.
  • 🐲 Added new entry-points for OpenGL.
  • 🐲 Fixed Matrix calculation errors, resulting in a small performance boost.
  • 🐲 Added new math functions.
  • Added new GL support for older Intel Cards. Thanks Astolfo, Gabrielpivotyt, Aqui and Wilycel for reporting.
  • Added new noteskins.
  • ArrowEffect fixes to prevent math errors.
  • 🐲 Fixed matrix errors in GL causing odd crashes.
  • Fixed missing ImageCache setting causing odd slowdowns on launch.


  • New options menu appearance.
  • New two-row speed mod selector (pick a speed type, increment the value in a second row, similar to Simply Love) and note skin preview on ScreenPlayerOptions.
  • New ScreenStageInformation design with song background.
  • Updated Japanese language strings by hanubeki
  • Downplay references to "Event Mode" in the gameplay user interface.
  • Adjustment to ScreenSelectMusic heading to fix misalignment of the sort mode box's fill. Thanks MoNeko for reporting.
  • In a related change, refresh header on ScreenEvaluation.
  • Fix missing option (ScreenOptionsTheme) for mascot on title screen.
  • Change ScreenOptionsService (options menu from title screen) and submenus to use a minimalistic, static background.


  • Fixed another weird issue with compiling.
  • Fixed dmg creation.


  • Fixed weird Mesa edge crash.
  • Fixed odd missing entry-points on GLX, thanks Hālian for reporting.


  • Fixed missing GLAD definitions.