OutFox Serenity


We're happy to announce that OutFox Serenity Volume 2 Winter Update just released, the second winter update since volume 1, we thank every single contributor for making the project go this far and this big.

With the launch of this volume, OutFox Serenity will have a total of 560 charts available to play, go ahead and check the OutFox Serenity Page for more info!

A place to remember

With OutFox Serenity always growing, so is the number of artists for charts, graphics, and songs, OutFox Serenity was always about the contribution to the community and making your name.

Because of that, we have started working on something where people will be able to view information about all submissions you and others have made, when possible, we will also include your socials so more people can follow your work elsewhere.

We're not ready to share more details than that as the project just recently began, but rest assured that your contributions will be documented.

What now

As some of you might know, OutFox Serenity Volume 3 has already been in the works for quite some time given how it will have a different development period compared to how we have done it in the past, we're also very close to its reveal it is just a few days away.

With this announcement, a new category should be available, on OutFox Discord Server, for OutFox Serenity, with a better way to submit content, discuss rates/chart creation, and how find our spreadsheets. We have also updated our outfox serenity guidelines page with new rules and an easier way to register yourself/submit music.

Keep your attention on any of our socials so you don't lose the Volume 3 announcement!


Ready to see what updates our members have worked on? Let's see them!

New Projects

Peters-Noteskins (Tiny-Foxes Fork)

This is a fork of MegaSphere/Pete-Lawrence's StepMania noteskins repository. The focus of this fork is to focus on adding Project OutFox-optimized versions of its StepMania 5.x noteskins, namely by:

  • Adjusting their code to adhere to its developers' best practices for Lua code style (i.e. removing use of cmd blocks, replacing semicolons with commas, etc.)
  • Adjusting their code to support Project OutFox's Lua timing system (namely, recognizing judgements beyond W1, as well as using a different method to color the note explosion sprite in order to support judgement colors defined by themes)
  • Adding sprites for OutFox-specific notes such as lift holds and mine holds.


OpenSMO but updated...TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND! ~ Jous


Translation Helper for Project OutFox

This program compares a source and target language file, to check for missing keys.


This repo hosts the data files for combo number graphics made by MattMayuga, with some of them here to accompany the respective judgefonts.

Project Updates








NEW Theme colors! You can now choose between several (about 25 at the moment?) different color schemes! Highly requested by the community.

NEW Background brightness! Allows you to dim the image in the background.

NEW Theme provided judgments and toasties! I included a few to make the theme more theme-like.

NEW Judgment animation toggles! You can turn on or off animations on judgments if you find them distracting.

Fixed anomalies in Player Options when using only Player 2

Fixed course mode breaking in song wheel (still unstable in gameplay, work in progress)

Added higher-quality grade indicators in the evaluation screen

Various stability and bug fixes


That's it for now, see you next time!