The winter is coming, have you heard the song yet?

Heads up!

Serenity Winter Update is currently open for chart and graphics submission, want to know if there's anything you can help with? Check out these:

If there's anything here that you would like to help with, please read our Winter Update blogpost.

Moru Personal Note (Tiny-Foxes Owner)

As the year comes to an end, our member's life becomes busier with life stuff, OutFox Team has never been in such high production before, as a result, don't be surprised those last months have few updates besides members personal projects, for myself I can barely take care of what I could when this project started...I got a job sooner than I expected and I wasn't aware of the time I would then lose not doing things I want to do. However, next year will be a big year, both for Tiny-Foxes and Project OutFox, many kinds of stuff are in the works that even we can't believe is happening so let us know you're with us and share our hard work with your friends, they won't want to miss out on what is to come.

Project Updates


Added new Luminousity judgefont


Added Oct Monthly post.


Fix Konko module implementation.


November 2021 Update.


Added dummy masks to fix wierd behavour in modfiles.


  • Updated Kitsu Template version to 3.1.0
  • Made entire modfile environment local
  • Add proxywall node type
  • Add support for multiple player proxies
  • Add note type ActorCamera

That's it for now, stay safe out there and be ready for the winter!