A new season comes for OutFox Serenity Volume 3, we're going from Summer to Fall.


Song Artist Suggestion

We have recently put out a form asking what you think about some proposed serenity plans and the future, One of the questions in specific was about how you would feel about an option to suggest Artists for us to contact, the response was extremely positive and so we went ahead and created a form where you can do exactly that! You can find it here: OutFox Serenity Song Suggestion Page, you might notice the text field to talk about the background of the artist, we want you to use that space to talk about how you view that artist and how you think their song can fit with OutFox Serenity, which modes might like it a lot or if you think it would just be cool, don't hold back on sharing what you think as we'll analyze every suggestion.

We have also added a new button inside the serenity page to suggest song authors!


Simfile Templates

Right now you're required to join our Discord Server to get simfile templates (or our GitHub Repository, GitHub isn't meant to be a very user-friendly interface however for non-programmers.), we will be changing that soon by adding a page where you'll be able to download templates directly from our website, we will keep you updated with a new blogpost when that happens.

Volume 3 Temporary Pack

The temporary pack for volume has been updated once again, as a reminder, temporary packs are not a release version but are instead meant to be used to test and try charting before the release at the end of season 4. Temporary packs might include unfinished content or even a lack of content such as art and charts.

Download the Volume 3 Season 2 Temporary Pack here.

Season 3


BGAs shown on the video are not part of OutFox Serenity

New Songs

Like a Dream

Mango Mangrove


Serenity Volume 3 Spreadsheet

The volume 3 spreadsheet has been updated with the new songs, comment on what you want to work on so others are aware!

Join the Community!

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