Here comes the last season of Serenity Volume 3, the Winter.

This is the last season coming to Serenity Volume 3, each season added 3 songs and had 3 months of development for you to make and submit charts.

Season 4 (Winter)


BGAs shown on the video are not part of OutFox Serenity

OpenTaiko Collab!

As a special tradition of special events during the winter for Serenity, we have decided to shake things up a bit to reference the "Winter Updates" we released with Volume 1 and Volume 2. Thanks to a key member of the the Serenity Team, who shares their work with both OpenTaiko and OutFox Serenity, this collab managed to happen in a very quick and easy way, we're happy to be able to collaborate with another team of people who believe in open development.

As for how the collab works, we have decided to share 5 songs from each of our collections with the other game, meaning: OpenTaiko gets 5 songs from OutFox Serenity and OutFox Serenity gets 5 songs from OpenTaiko. The songs were selected by vote for each team. Here's the list:

OpenTaiko Gets

Song Name Author
B-Happy - Ace of Beat
Eradication of Light - Mintorment
brokenHeart resurrection estele - RILEY
What Year Is This - Sevish
Relaxation Piece of Conclusion - Zenth

Both OpenTaiko and OutFox Serenity have notified and asked the song authors if they agreed with the sharing of their songs. We hope to continue working with OpenTaiko as a way to connect both communities and bring more collabs in the future, please check out OpenTaiko with the links below:

New Songs

FunkBoi (by SenPi)

ΣxilƎ (By mrcool909090)

ReCollapse (By H888 (H5 + DashyDesu))

Liar Prison (By SiLiS ft. Karin Natsuki)

RUiNED GLORY (By Sukima Altera)

Songs added from OpenTaiko to OutFox Serenity are licensed under the OpenTaiko Default License, check the song folder for the license file.

But that's not all, while submission will open with 5 new songs, an additional song is planned to be added later which will be added to both OpenTaiko and OutFox Serenity, meaning we'll be adding a total of 6 songs this season alone, we hope those songs ignite the vision of an epic chart for you to make and make everyone play and set their scores.

Taiko charts both for songs added to Serenity and from Serenity will be available with the Winter Season, meaning you'll have lots of taiko charts to test and play right away!

Special Message from Colin (OPTK and Serenity Team Member)

Hi! This is Colin from the Serenity Team. As you may (or may not) know, I am also a member of the OpenTaiko charting team. Because of my unique position, I was able to initiate a special collaboration between Project OutFox: Serenity and OpenTaiko. My main goal was to highlight all of the talented artists in both the Taiko and Stepmania communities, and I hope that I fufilled my role well! However, I could not have done this alone! Thank you to Moru Zerinho6 for working closely with me (despite my very, very limited knowledge about licensing), Lirodon for the awesome trailer, the Serenity team for helping select songs to add into the game, all of the immensely talented charters who brought these songs to life in-game, and the development teams of both OpenTaiko and Project OutFox for making this possible! I hope everyone will enjoy all of these new songs and charts, and send your love to their respective artists! Happy drumming!


Those people are/were internal members of the project and helped with the pre-development of OutFox Serenity Volume 3:

Current members Serenity/OutFox Team

  • Colin (The one who made OpenTaiko Collab possible, Taiko Chart Creation, Music Selection)
  • Lirodon (Website, Trailer, Assets and Website, Asset added to OpenTaiko, Serenity Publishment)
  • Melone (KBX Chart Creation, Music Selection, Asset added to OpenTaiko)
  • shockdude (GH Chart Templates and Chart Creation, Music Selection)
  • Daniel Rotwind (Chart Templates, be-mu/po-mu Chart Creation, Music Selection, Music added to OpenTaiko, Asset added to OpenTaiko)
  • Jose_varela (Music added to OpenTaiko)
  • Moneko (Music Selection)
  • Moru Zerinho6 (Website, SSC Templates, Music Selection, Serenity Blogs / Management / Organization / Wiki / Publishment)
  • Hanubeki (Music Selection)

Former members of Serenity/OutFox Team

  • SHRMP0 (SSC Templates, Content Moderation, Music Selection, Third-Party Connections, Website, Serenity Publishment)
  • SheppyChris (SSC Templates, Music Selection)
  • Sevish (Sound Equalization, Music Selection)

Join the Serenity Team!

Are you knowledgeable and have some free time to lend a hand in making Serenity better? We're searching for individuals to contribute to the following areas:

  • Creation of SSC templates for upcoming songs: This involves adding essential metadata to SSC like credits and tempo changes, but not actually creating the chart.
  • Equalization of Audio: We need help balancing the loudness of future songs, so they don't sound too different from other Serenity songs.
  • Chart/Templates Development for any mode: You can start developing charts early for your favorite mode and also aid us in selecting future songs.
  • Quality Check: Help us moderate the quality of charts submitted to OutFox Serenity. Having different opinions from people who know how to create content will improve the pack.
  • Content Moderation: Keep in check with our volume spreadsheet and new song submission.
  • Asset Creation: Help us by creating images and or video for OutFox Serenity.

Please note that like Project OutFox itself, OutFox Serenity is not for profit and has no monetary gains. We dedicate our free time to make a pack available for the community as a hobby. If you decide to join the team, we will respect your time and support you when possible, but we also expect your care and cooperation with the project.

If you feel like helping us then join the Discord Server and mention any of the moderators, it can be in private too!

Join the Community!

Give feedback, share your content, discuss and talk with the community not only of Serenity but Project OutFox as a whole, join our Discord Server with over 2450 members!

Temporary Pack

As a new OutFox Serenity season comes, the past season gets a temporary pack release, this is meant for people to playtest charts and their content to check if everything so far is the way it should be.

You can download the temporary pack here.