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New Projects

superuser-outfox (Created/Hosted by Sudospective)

Superuser is the 4° theme hosted on OutFox but the first one isn't a fork or "community edition", it was created with a lot of effort and love from Sudospective.

kitsu-template-libraries (Created/Hosted by Sudospective)

Here you will find a list of approved libraries for the Kitsu Template, separated by version number.

ComboNumbers-by-MattMayuga (Created by MattMayuga)

This repo hosts the data files for combo number graphics made by MattMayuga, with some of them here to accompany the respective judgefonts.

SM5-Arduino-Lighting (Created/Hosted by 48productions)

Use an Arduino to get game-controlled lights in StepMania 5/Project Outfox!

Project Updates


New judgefont: Side Stars


Update Sudospective profile

Add ComboNumbers-by-MattMayuga and superuser


StepMania-Archive (Fork updates only)

Started initial translation code.

OutFox-ja, OutFox-zh-CN, OutFox-Translations, OutfoxPTBR, Outfox-fr

Updated to reflect new OutFox lines.

New Members

48productions which joined to share the SM5-Arduino-Lighting project!

DysKoneko joined to learn and help with OutFox translations

With those updates, Tiny-Foxes now hosts 47 open source projects, with the help of 34 members, I can't thank the community enough for making all those projects, and thank you for supporting us, that's it for now!