A welcome back

Busy time it has been for everyone everywhere, and this year shows no indication of being different, there are quite a lot of things to talk about since the last update, so get ready for a long read. However, there is one thing before all that is needed to make clear.

Blog Updates

On the November 2021 update, we announced that our next blog post would only be next year Feb (3 months of an interval), this is something that we wish to continue doing, while monthly updates are a constant case with OutFox and other OutFox Community Team Projects, it is not with Tiny-Foxes, the new interval of 3 months will help us connect such blog posts with other projects that we are soon to announce, so having this in mind, 3 months will be the minimum you'll have to wait, some might take a bit longer but we will try to keep it during that interval, thanks for the understanding.

OutFox Serenity

If you're not aware, we have already released the Winter Update for Volume I, you can check out the showcase here. Now is the time to talk about its development.


2021 was very close to ending, while Vol 1 was a big hit, many members of OutFox Team we're discussing releasing more volumes constantly per year, even with the amount of content Vol 1 had, it would be too little of what we could do. Many agreed, but we were already too close to the end of the year that if we wanted to give proper time, we would have to instead, target a Winter Update with a focus on adding content to old songs, rather than adding 10 new songs with little time for the community to make content.

Reveal and Development

The songs for the Winter Update were then set:

  • Umi's Secret
  • Plasma
  • Low End Theory

With a low amount of songs, we were sure our community would be able to make a good amount of content even with the busy time it was. Skipping to the deadline, 76 Charts have been created for 3 songs. Volume I Winter Update StepArtists had 50 days of development.


With the pack ready and set, we were ready to launch at any time, we decided to wait for OutFox's next alpha version to reach as many people as possible, which made us launch a bit later than expected but in the end, it was a good choice.

What we learned

While we were surprised at the amount of content the community was able to create in such a little time, we do not wish to apply such pressure again and decided to plan the date of future Serenity Volumes. As such, we have some news to share.

OutFox Serenity Team

This will be a busy year for OutFox Development and Releases. Meaning we had to create a team to pay attention only to Serenity.

OutFox Serenity Team will be a subset of OutFox Community Team, meaning they do not represent or take part in OutFox Staff decisions. Two members have already joined:

  • Daniel Rotwind: Has contributed with the most amount of charts for serenity (52 at the time of writing), is the second highest art contributor for serenity (Behind only Lirodon who is part of OutFox Design Team) and helped with the creation of templates for beat-based game modes.

  • Sevish: Has contributed with "Some Things Must" song featured in Volume I, and reached out to help us normalize all songs for Serenity Packs.

Each one of those and future members of the Serenity Team, work on a specific area in which they have already shown experience before, and as such, does not deal with any type of moderation for the project. If you create templates for OutFox Serenity, then we will gladly welcome you to try to join our team, if you do something else that you think might help us, be sure to reach us out on OutFox Serenity Server.


It is time for the repository updates!


Update by moruzerinho6:

Tiny-Webini was a tool used to help translate the Project OutFox Website, however, the backend has been updated to help properly translate many elements of the website, and as such, this tool is no longer much use, to maintain its update was also extremely time-consuming, having to recreate the website again but locally and with Electron.

If you wish to translate the website, please reach out to us on our Discord Server.

Simply Love OutFox

Update by Jose_Varela:


Update by Joehuu:


Updates by MrThatKid4:


Updates by Jousway:


Update by R.O.B.-Bot:

Added 3D/+ Versions of the OutFox Note/ITG noteskins for the SMX game mode.


Updates by Aqui:

Had a new major release!

  • All elements resized and reworked accordingly.
  • New Mine and MineHold graphics.
  • More code reworks to maintain visual consistency across game modes.


Updates by Sudospective:


  • NEW! Added support for Def.NoteField
  • NEW! Added Node type ModPlayer
  • Revamped internal library system
  • Fixed issues with mirin-syntax malformed Lua

Full Changelog: v3.1.3...v4.0.0


While not much has been happening on the main branch, the stating branch is constantly getting updated with new stuff which is new to OutFox.

Updates by Sudospective: (Stating branch)


Many repositories licenses have been updated to 2022.