It's September time! Welcome everyone, time to see your monthly blogpost, this month has been a bit chill as we're getting close to the end of 2021, now let's do this:

TinyFoxes Status

Speaking as the TinyFoxes creator, this project/organization has become bigger and more than I ever expected it to be, at the moment of writing this, we have 43 open source projects that range from translations to themes/noteskins/judgments/guides/tools/templates..etc. To think that this started as an organization to host OutFox language files, it obviously became more than that, and it reflects on the community vision of Tiny-Foxes.

As a community manager of Project OutFox, I always keep a look at community comments, ideas, and how they see us and that gave me the opportunity to also see how TinyFoxes is seen as, some believe that it was created to control modding on OutFox so we can control the quality of those contents as an Alpha product, I want to clarify that this isn't my or OutFox Team intention, no content is forced to be on TinyFoxes to exist or to be considered by us, TinyFoxes is content approved and looked upon that will be showcased as officially verified community content, it's why we showcase at our official website.

Anyone can submit content to TinyFoxes, you only need to contact the OutFox Team to verify if the content is allowed. Now, let's clarify some things:

  • Any content that is made for OutFox will be considered to join.
  • Content that is not made for OutFox but works will also be considered, but we will expect maintaining content to be future proof. (For example: CMD removal)
  • "What is considered OutFox content/Allowed on TinyFoxes?"
    • Themes
    • Tools that interacts, creates, updates, deletes OutFox files.
    • Noteskins
    • Judgments
    • Chart Pack(s)
    • Announcers
    • BGAnimations
    • Backgrounds
    • Toasties
    • OutFox related Guides.
    • Programming code made for OutFox.
    • OutFox Documentation (Research also counts)
  • "What is NOT considered OutFox content/Allowed on TinyFoxes?"
    • Exclusive SM5.1/5.2 or lower content made explicitly not to work on OutFox.
    • Non-original edits of created content.
    • Unlicensed content.

With that out of the way, I'd like to announce that starting next year, TinyFoxes blogposts will be released every 4 months instead of each month, I hope this gives the community more time to finish their content before being featured.

Project Updates


Archived lines for OutFox Alpha 4.9.10.


Had a major September 2021 update

<- 2021 UPDATE ver 2.1 ->

  • Revised 8th note colour to better contrast against holds
  • Reverted Holds and Rolls to colour-coded blue and green
  • (help aozora can't reconcile with it for some reason)
  • adjusted mine colours

New 2.1 tag created.


Added new "popira" noteskin.


Updated RyutoSetsujin member information.


Updated to math recent website changes.


Updated to match OutFox-Web.

Released 1.9 Beta

Matches websites changes after serenity pack release.

  • Removed FAQ page. (We have wiki now)
  • Updated About Page
  • Added Serenity Pack page (You can't translate everything)
  • Fixed missing "=" on elements properties.
  • Updated home page to showcase latest website elements
  • Removed the old move-freely page, will be supported again later.
  • Updated home page title (and as such, the program title)


Updated contents for OutFox alpha 4.9.10.


Updated zh-CN content for OutFox alpha 4.9.10.


  • Updated theme to match 4.9.10 soundwaves content/features.

a4.9.10 tag created.

That's it for now everyone, hope you all have a nice month, see ya.