Project OutFox is an extensible rhythm game engine based on StepMania, featuring 18 different modes simulating different dance, instrument, and key-based rhythm games.

Its goal is to create a cross-platform “sandbox” and “museum” for the genre, supporting over 20 years worth of content across a variety of formats.

Latest stable version (2023-04-15):

Project OutFox 0.4.19 LTS

Latest dev version (2023-12-25):

Project OutFox 0.5.0-pre042

The museum of rhythm games

Project OutFox features 18 different game types, each with their own set of chart styles. Charts can be imported from a variety of simfile formats used by other rhythm game simulators, including .bms, .bml, .bme .chart, .dwi, .dtx, .gda, .ksf, .mc, .mid, .osu and .osz, .pms, .qua and .qp, .sma, .sm, .ssc, and .tja.

Extensible & Customizable

Use assets such as noteskins, judgement graphics, and themes to customize the game to your liking. A built-in editor allows you to write your own charts in any of Project OutFox's game modes, and a Lua API enables content creators to develop new in-game experiences and challenges.

Wide hardware support

Project OutFox supports a wide variety of input devices, including keyboards, gamepads, rhythm game-specific controllers such as dance pads, instruments, and arcade hardware, as well as MIDI devices. Builds are avaliable for Windows, Linux, and macOS, including ARM builds for macOS and Linux-based single-board computers such as Raspberry Pi.

OutFox Serenity logo

Serenity is the official community song pack of Project OutFox, featuring freely-redistributable songs, and charts spanning across all of the engine's different game types.

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OutFox Wiki logo

The Project OutFox Wiki features extensive documentation of the engine for users, creators, and developers alike.

Tiny-Foxes logo

TinyFoxes is a community group on GitHub focusing on add-ons and other tools for Project OutFox, including themes, assets, and localization resources.

Tiny-Foxes on GitHub
Helping to rescue foxes

Since 2021, Project OutFox has donated over £1,000 in support of The Fox Project, a British charity that runs an animal hospital dedicated to rescuing injured foxes.

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