Hiya Everyone!

We are not dead!

We have encountered a few problems with some new mode implementations which have meant a slight rewrite and addenda to the note, scoring and hold system was in order. This, tied in with the latest Windows updates has meant our release schedule has slipped for this month, but do not fear, we are striving to fix the final bugs so we can get a release out to you all really soon.

Following feedback, we will be looking at adding a new launcher and update system this fall, so it will make the update process easier. As is always the case: we will not require an online connection to play the game - nor will the update check/score uploading/etc. be forced/mandatory. If you are on an offline system or cabinet, we do not wish to interrupt this experience.

The next build will contain some new modes. Please let us know what you think of these so that we can continue to widen the scope of our game, and remove the limitations on the engine placed upon us due to StepMania's original scope and design. A lot of the new mode work will require new note, scoring, and even notefield work so we can ensure not everything is forced within the 4-key paradigm as was in the past.

We thank you for your continued support, and remember to stay safe out there.

We appreciate you all,

Team Rizu

OutFox Community Pack

We are still accepting music, graphics artists, and charters for the OutFox Community Pack project.