We have been working on a new documentation wiki known as Outfox.wiki/, to provide in-depth information on how to play, create content for, and develop Project OutFox. We have deployed a new format and framework for the wiki to replace one that the webmaster, in retrospect, didn't think was flexible enough for our needs. While it features the same content as it had before, it also features:

  • A new visual appearance with more continuity with the main site.
  • Better organization
  • Cleaner URLs (no more weird outfox.wiki/#/example, we now have proper subdirectories). This did break all existing links to the wiki, so be sure to update your links if you have been linking to content on the wiki.

Be sure to check back often, as it will be continually updated with new information as we go. Its content is drawn from a Git repository; commit access is limited to the development team, but you can always perform pull requests.