A new year for serenity starts now, get ready because the development cycle is going to be very different this time!


New Songs

Run 4 Cover

What Year Is This


Serenity Volume 3 Spreadsheet

With a new volume a new spreadsheet is created for you to make others aware of the content you plan to work on, we have also added a new "Introduction" page where you can learn about OutFox features to use in your charts!


As you may or may not know, Volume 3 will have 4 seasons, each with 3 new songs with an interval of 3 months between the start of each, you're always allowed to submit content to any volume no matter the time!

Mission Date (DD/MM)
Season 1 Start 01/03/2023
Season 2 Start 01/06/2023
Season 3 Start 01/09/2023
Season 4 Start 01/12/2023


Contributions for OutFox Serenity are now hosted on the Project OutFox Discord Server once you join you'll be able to see an "OutFox Serenity" category which you can use to get information, updates, submit content, see our commits and talk with the team.

  1. Click here to join. (or copy the invite code: cN4TjgQdcA)
  2. Scroll down to the "OutFox Serenity" category, check the "serenity-space" channel, and look for the pinned post named "Submission Guidelines & FAQ", there you'll get up-to-date with the information required about serenity and how to contribute.
  3. If you want to contribute with graphics, check the spreadsheet graphics section to see if their block spaces aren't aware taken, if not then comment on it and warn our team on the discord server!
  4. If you want to contribute with songs, check the Music Guidelines and then use our online form. Be sure to include the license of your music and stems if you have any.
  5. If you want to contribute with charts, check the "Submission Guidelines & FAQ" discord channel we had talked about, it includes in-depth explanation about chart submission.