Hello everyone, we got something cool to announce, if you make NoteSkins for Project OutFox you'll be able to have them shown in our Website NoteSkins section.

Requirements are:

Hosting content on Tiny-Foxes does not mean you lose its rights, you still have full permission to everything and will be able to license with your name. Content hosted on Tiny-Foxes will also be featured on Tiny-Foxes Twitter account and our monthly post.

If you wish to join Tiny-Foxes then please join our Discord Server and contact the OutFox Team!

If you wish to bring your NoteSkin not only to our Website but also to Project OutFox actual game then contact the OutFox Team on our Discord about your submission. (Your content might need to be licensed under Apache License 2.0 or MIT)

We are also looking into expading support on community content for Judgments, Themes, Announcers and more, but we would like to hear your feedback first!