We once again have another alpha snapshot to share with you, Alpha 4.3. This build focuses primarily on addressing issues reported by the community from our previous alpha, as well as other changes (including fixes for 16-year-old bugs!).

One of the major highlights of this build is that we now have hooks for future mouse and touchscreen support (including gestures and multi-touch). There is no in-game support for these inputs yet, but you should be able to see log entries for them. Accordingly, be advised that this build produces a large amount of log data output relating to the new input system. This is by design (to let us know if your inputs work), and will be removed on the next build.

Due to some other changes being worked on for the Mac versions, this build also only supports macOS Mojave and newer.

We are using an alternative means of hosting the mirrors for this release; we are currently investigating a more permanent solution.


All platforms

  • Fixed various missing keyboard inputs, including symbol keys (;:'@#,<>./?|`{}[])(&^%$"), the ~ key for localised keyboards, and the number pad.
  • Fixed missing options for no mapping on localised keyboards.
  • 🐲 Add touchscreen and mouse input hooks
  • 🐲 Added hooks for haptic/rumble support on controllers. Why? Why not?
  • 🐲 Fixed odd skipping on inputfilters.
  • Removed average FPS gauge from debug overlay; caused skew on mod files.
  • 🐲 Fixed a few bugs in the render pipeline... added in 2004.
  • 🐲 Properly integrated buffering.
  • Rewritten triangle logic to prevent errors in ActorMultiVertex.
  • Fixed a small lights bug.
  • Added a cleaner way to shut the game down.
  • Added new window states in preparation for the removal of RageDisplay (check the logs for events!)
  • Fixed draw issue reported by some users.


  • Removed obsolete X11 input hook code.


  • This build will only run on 10.14/10.15 due to work in progress code.
  • Fixed an integer overflow that messed with Catalina's guiding of our output windows.
  • Fixed a vertex overflow causing a very rare crash
  • 🐲 Fixed polling error.


  • Removed obsolete win32 input hook code.