The "UwU wot dis? Zip & Entry Points Edition"

It is time once again for another StepMania 5.3 alpha build; aspects of this build were demonstrated during our February dev stream (Team Rizu now has its own dedicated Twitch channel at, where future dev streams and other content will be featured).

This build continues our ongoing bug fixes, performance improvements, and internal modernization, while there are also some user-facing improvements to the Soundwaves theme, updates to our Japanese localisation, and new noteskins.

The options interfaces in the default theme have undergone a visual refresh, while player options has a redesigned speed selector, and noteskin previews.

We would like to, once again, thank everyone that has been testing these builds and providing us with feedback so far (or even just participating in our community in general). We've come a long way since the first alpha in December, but there's still more work to be done...

Download links are, as always, listed on our builds page.


All platforms

  • Removed extra input debug output from Alpha 4.3; thank you for your reports and updates.
  • 🐲 Fixed missing scancodes on keyboard input.
  • Fixed old %d number behaviour in Lua. Returns to 5.0/5/1 behaviour. Thanks Tatsh for reporting.
  • Removed 'Frameskipcode' - It will be readded in a later build.
  • Fixed a few more bugs in the render pipeline... added in 2004.
  • 🐲 Properly removed the obsolete input handlers.
  • Fixed some old cmake typos and cleaned up code for linux.
  • Fixed regression in not supporting smzip/zip archives. Thanks to Jubo for the report.
  • Add new keyboard input system.
  • Fixed InputHandler issues, no more skipping on pads.
  • Fixed missing SDL options in input causing a break error.
  • 🐲 Added new entry-points for OpenGL.
  • 🐲 Fixed Matrix calculation errors, resulting in a small performance boost.
  • 🐲 Added new math functions.
  • Added new GL support for older Intel Cards. Thanks Astolfo, Gabrielpivotyt, Aqui and Wilycel for reporting.
  • Added new noteskins.
  • ArrowEffect fixes to prevent math errors.
  • 🐲 Fixed matrix errors in GL causing odd crashes.
  • Fixed missing ImageCache setting causing odd slowdowns on launch.
  • (4.4.1) Properly removed the obsolete input handlers - seems there was a separate one added to a lone screen. Cheers, Glenn.
  • (4.4.1) Fixed missing keystrokes on profile creation and high score name entry.


  • New options menu appearance.
  • New two-row speed mod selector (pick a speed type, increment the value in a second row, similar to Simply Love) and note skin preview on ScreenPlayerOptions.
  • New ScreenStageInformation design with song background.
  • Updated Japanese language strings by hanubeki
  • Downplay references to "Event Mode" in the gameplay user interface.
  • Adjustment to ScreenSelectMusic heading to fix misalignment of the sort mode box's fill. Thanks MoNeko for reporting.
  • In a related change, refresh header on ScreenEvaluation.
  • Fix missing option (ScreenOptionsTheme) for mascot on title screen.
  • Change ScreenOptionsService (options menu from title screen) and submenus to use a minimalistic, static background.


  • Fixed another weird issue with compiling.
  • Fixed dmg creation.


  • Fixed weird Mesa edge crash.
  • Fixed odd missing entry-points on GLX, thanks Hālian for reporting.


  • Fixed missing GLAD definitions.