Serenity music submissions

If you are interested in contributing songs for the OutFox Serenity project, please fill out the form below. You can use this form multiple times if you want to submit more music in the future.


Your online identity/what name you would prefer us to refer to you by?

A PERMANENT link for us to be able to download your music. .wav format is possible, otherwise write a note in additional information section.

The license that this music uses, if your song doesn't have a license yet then we recommend using this

Please write the sections in which your song change BPM, the base BPM of the song and any other info related that might be useful.

If you have stems, please also send a link for us to be able to download. Stems are used to create keysounded versions of charts for modes such as be-mu and po-mu.

Do you allow you to try and get in contact with you to ask if we could use another song of yours.

In the future we might create a public list of submitted songs where users might be able to select songs for a season, would you be fine with the public knowing you have submitted your song t

We might need a special cut of your song or a small edit that your license might or might not allow, please give us a contact we can use to start a discussion if needed.