• Hello everyone, we got something cool to announce, if you make NoteSkins for Project OutFox you'll be able to have them shown in our Website NoteSkins section.

    Requirements are:

    Hosting content on Tiny-Foxes does not mean you lose its rights, you still have full permission to everything and will be able to license with your name. Content hosted on Tiny-Foxes will also be featured on Tiny-Foxes Twitter account and our monthly post.

    If you wish to join Tiny-Foxes then please join our Discord Server and contact the OutFox Team!

    If you wish to bring your NoteSkin not only to our Website but also to Project OutFox actual game then contact the OutFox Team on our Discord about your submission. (Your content might need to be licensed under Apache License 2.0 or MIT)

    We are also looking into expading support on community content for Judgments, Themes, Announcers and more, but we would like to hear your feedback first!

  • We have been working on a new documentation wiki known as, to provide in-depth information on how to play, create content for, and develop Project OutFox. We have deployed a new format and framework for the wiki to replace one that the webmaster, in retrospect, didn't think was flexible enough for our needs. While it features the same content as it had before, it also features:

    • A new visual appearance with more continuity with the main site.
    • Better organization
    • Cleaner URLs (no more weird, we now have proper subdirectories). This did break all existing links to the wiki, so be sure to update your links if you have been linking to content on the wiki.

    Be sure to check back often, as it will be continually updated with new information as we go. Its content is drawn from a Git repository; commit access is limited to the development team, but you can always perform pull requests.

  • Hello everyone, hope you're having a good day, with the announce of Moondance Team and Team Rizu joining sides to create Team OutFox, we also created a new Twitter account focused only on that, expect everything about OutFox to be announced there too! Here's the link:

    Be sure to follow us so you don't lose anything, Narumi and the OutFox Team will do her best to keep you updated!

  • Hello everyone, we recently did changes to our internal team to reduce the amount of confusion related to how many teams we had and their naming. As of now, Moondance is not a thing anymore and we'll reference "Team Rizu" less, we hope this reduces any confusion that has been caused in the past, the new way our team works is the follow:

    • Mainly, there's only "OutFox Team" now.
    • Everyone from Moondance is officialy part of OutFox Team, more specifically the "OutFox Community Team"
    • The only effect on Tiny-Foxes is Moondance naming references removal.

    We have also updated our wiki to reflect easily how our team works now, see how it works.

    This however does not mean you can't join anymore, if you're looking to help with assets, community management, gamemodes..etc you can always reach the OutFox Team.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

    Team Rizu

  • Hello everyone, this post is a bit late to the party as both teams who manage OutFox are really busy lately, as more people join to help with the project, the scope of our plans continues to get bigger and bigger.


    If you don't know what Tiny-Foxes is: "In Tiny-Foxes, we host projects that have been made with the community itself, we range from translations all the way up to whole themes for OutFox." Read more at Tiny-Web.

    New Member

    @Nepumi-Jr joins the team! Nepumi is known for working on MusicMemories, full of unique features and exclusive for 5.3's important to note that this theme is very WIP before issue-bomb the repository. See also our Twitter post.

    More members are already coming but that will be announced in our next post.

    New Project

    stepmaniaCheck (WIP) by moruzerinho6

    This is a work in progress tool that will search for useful data for given StepMania and report and it found, here are some WIP screenshots:

    Here, the tool is trying to find installations on each game default installation (usually C:\Games).

    If it doesn't find any game on that path, you'll have to manually give the path otherwise.

    Here it displays all the information is collected (or was supposed to collect), and gives a status based on each property value. A thing to note here is that we used the "Other" options here and the tool was still able to tell this is an OutFox install, that's because it looks at the file structure for the given installation and tries to deduce what it is.

    Now that we have this data, the tool will also save this table on a text file which will be bundled with its releases. This is very useful for platforms like Discord where you can send the text file (Not its contents) and it previews for you.

    Project Updates


    Got its license updated to enable people to use its code.


    Has been updated by SheepyChris to clarify StepMania versions, update the FAQ with new branding, and correct specific mentions.


    Got updated to match the MoondanceWeb above.


    Got updated to add our new Tiny-Foxes member, @Nepumi-Jr and DanielRotwind BeatMode-Tutorial repository



    Got a new color scheme called Golden Dawn. See also our Twitter post

    OutFox-ja, OutFox-PTBR, OutFox-he, Outfox-fr, OutFox-PL, OutFox-zh-CN

    Have all been updated to match the new coming version of Project OutFox.

    OutFox Community Team

    OutFox Community Pack

    The OutFox Community Pack is coming close to its deadline, 1 month away, you can still join and help with Graphics, Charts, and Music by joining our Discord Server

    OutFox Bug Repository

    The OutFox Bug Repository README has been updated with some of our socials and more information.

    This is it for now, sorry for being a bit late, hope everyone has a good day!